A Guide To loose deep wave & Weave Hair
A Guide To loose deep wave & Weave Hair

Tips to Keep Your Weave Hair Looking Fresh

Weave hair has been in fashion for a long time, and you may be surprised to know that famous people use weave hair to make hairstyles with various lengths, colors, and textures over one month.

Hair weaves can provide lots of advantages, such as the possibility of experimenting with different hairstyles and keeping your hair’s natural. You can pick from many colors, types of styles, and other choices. Since human hair bundles are well-known, there are many hair products available.

However, weaves require just the same care as natural hair. They will look dull, frizzy, matted, and lifeless in the absence of care. So here are some suggestions to ensure that your human weave hair stays beautiful and alive.


Washing your human hair using popular cleansing conditioners can keep your hair extensions clean of product buildup and will keep your hair in good condition and well-hydrated. The best part about these gentle, new formulations that do not contain sulfate is that they cleanse and condition hair all in just one step, which saves you time and is safe to use daily if you want to.

Always Dry Your Hair Thoroughly

To keep your weave hair in good condition is essential to dry them thoroughly before beginning to style. If your hair extensions aren’t dry, they allow bacteria to flourish and can cause damage to extensions and hair. If you’re air drying or blow-drying your hair, it must be completely dry.

Twist or Braid at Night

If you sleep with your weave, it allows tangles to form. The resultant detangling that you must perform causes frizz, but the much-dreaded shed. Twist or braid along the entire length of the weave every night to prevent tangling. As an added benefit, you’ll enjoy gorgeous human braiding hair at the beach the following day!

Condition Your Hair Weave

Conditioning your hair weave is equally important, particularly with curly hair extensions. Conditioning can help untangle the hair, increase the moisture of the hair, and help define the curly pattern removed by shampoo.

You Can Sleep On Satin

Satin and silk pillows are a necessity, not just for your weave but also for your natural hair too. They create little friction. They are also more absorbent than cotton, which means they don’t dry out or roughen cuticles of your hair.

Keep Heat to A Minimum

The reason you wear weaves is to give your hair some time to take advantage of it. If you are wearing your hair extensions straight, you can tie them with some bobby pins during the evening to avoid using heat every day, and when you want to create big curls, pin curls can be your solution. Make sure you only use heat when required, and the same applies to your leave-out too!

Keep Your Weaves Moisturized

If you’ve got a long weave, this won’t be a problem for us, but we recommend that you get the olive oil in a jar and rub it into the nape (kitchen). If you need to leave it out, apply your preferred moisturizer once or twice a day and apply a massage to the edges, temples of your crown, nape, and. It is crucial to maintain your wet and wavy hair in good condition.

Make Sure You Keep Your Edges Clean

If it’s fly-aways or untamed edges, put the light pomade on your edges which leaves smooth. Avoid products that contain alcohol because they act as a drying agent.



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