Tips to Save Money on Your Wedding Cake


Having a classic and delicious treat to celebrate your D-day day is one of the quintessential things most brides and grooms are excited about. That is, until they figure out how much wedding cake actually costs. There is nothing special as a showstong wedding cake – but we get it, every budget has its own limitations. Either way a cheap wedding cake has to look bad, taste bad, or disappoint your guests. You can plan your wedding dreams and save money without compromising on the quality of the cake. Here are tips on how you can save money on your wedding cake.

Set your budget:

Before you start dreaming about your wedding cake, take a minute to look at your overall wedding budget, and decide how much you want to spend on the cake. Once you have decided your budget on how much you can spend on the wedding cake, set an amount and divide it by the number of guests you expect. This will give you the price per slice which is how much a piece of cake will cost you. Your goal is not to go to that amount.

Keep it Simple:

Most of the time, you will be charged by slices for the wedding cake, so it makes sense that getting a smaller cake with fewer slices is going to save you money. If you are having an intimate wedding it is easy to buy a small cake, but it can be a problem if you have a lot of guests. A great way to solve this is to have a small wedding cake on display and used to cut the cake. Get inexpensive sheet cakes that can be placed behind a table or in the kitchen and then cut for your guests.

Choose Buttercream:

In the cake world, there are two big winners: Buttercream and Fondant, and there are pros and cons to each – cost. Buttercream is usually less expensive. On the other hand, fondant requires additional steps and materials, and can be difficult to work with, making it more expensive.

Be savvy with Sheet Cake:

When considering how to save money on wedding cakes, one of the easiest tricks is to serve a small tiered display cake and sheet cake to your guests. This talent gives workyard couples the opportunity to have a classic cake cutting moment during the reception without breaking the bank.

Serving Small Slices:

This is another interesting way to save money on wedding cakes. Ask your waiter to serve smaller slices than normal. In fact, a small piece of cake may actually look more impressive! Your guests can always go back to ask for more, and as such, you won’t have wasted cake sitting on tables.

Use Real Flowers Instead of Sugar Flowers:

It takes a lot of time (and skill!) to make sugar flowers. To help reduce the design time required by your baker, choose real flowers instead. It takes the baker time to make sugar flowers and you can get real flowers for cheap compared to the extra cost for the cake.

Go naked!

Naked cakes (or cakes without outside frosting) are a recent trend within the wedding industry that are becoming more common, especially in rustic weddings. Not only are they something new and a point of conversation for the guests, but they are just delicious. If you are open to all options, consider setting aside your frosting cake. Doing this will save your baker time and money, and you will save money.

Consider an alternative

It is not wedding cake that is more common than ever to serve something sweet. Cupcake cakes have been very popular lately, and the growing trend is something more unique, such as a dessert bar featuring pies, cookies, donuts, and just about anything else you can think of.

Use your local bakery

If you are not looking for an intricate cake design, see your local bakery to see if they can make a wedding cake. Although they may not have the design skills that a professional wedding cake baker would have, the cake would still be delicious! You can order online cake delivery in katni or wherever you reside.

Happy eating! Happy wedding anniversary!



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