Tips to Stop Feeling Down and Embrace Your Baldness


If you had good hair throughout your lifetime, the sudden loss of hair patches can be utterly terrifying. If you are a victim of severe hair loss issues resulting in baldness, you might find the change difficult to deal with.

 Although, with the advancement in the clinical industry, there are several alternatives to deal with this problem, embracing your baldness remains a primary concern as the solutions might be temporary.

Thus, you need to comprehend that losing hair occurs not just due to ignorance but also, due to several involuntary factors like aging and hormonal imbalance.

Why Do We Lose Hair?

Losing hair to an extent which leads to baldness, rarely has anything to do with your lifestyle. In simpler terms, it is not your fault so regretting will not fetch much help in this matter. Hair fall among men can be influenced by the following few common factors:

●    Male Pattern Baldness

Androgenetic alopecia is a common ailment prevalent among middle-aged men which is primarily influenced by genetics and hormonal changes among males.

●    Medical Complications

Certain diseases like anemia and thyroid can cause temporary hair loss. Besides these, hair fall is one of the most notable side effects of the drugs you take to cure illnesses like arthritis, depression and high blood pressure.

●    Immune Health

An unhealthy immune system can pose a threat to your hair follicles, which upon weakening, can cause major hair loss among men.

Is There Any Solution To Hair Loss?

Nowadays, several medical practitioners specialize in hair loss treatment and you can seek help from a professional in this regard. Some of the best solutions to balding patches on your head are:

  • Try medication as prescribed by a medical professional
  • Go for a hair transplant surgery
  • Laser therapy can be effective in selective cases
  • Shave your head entirely and rock the new bald look
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5 Effective Tips To Be Confident With Your Baldness

If you think that your hair loss complications are beyond treatment and you want to embrace your baldness, this is the chance. You shall understand that your hair is not the only attractive feature about you, but just a nice complimentary.

Noted below are 5 powerful tips that can help you feel better about your baldness and embrace a new ravishing look.

1.  Keep Yourself Involved In Things You Love

The best way to avoid regret and the ‘low’ is to distract yourself with worthwhile engagements. You can rediscover yourself by doing something you were always fond of. Loss of hair should not stop you from restoring normalcy in your life.

You can play your favorite sport or even spend quality time with your friends and family to instill a sense of productivity in your mind.

2.  Work On Your Physique

If you are determined to live confidently with your baldness, you must make additional enhancements to your appearance. Working out can make your body healthy and strong. A well-built physique is appealing and fetches immense appreciation.

Moreover, indulging in regular exercise and physical activities also help you get rid of negative thoughts. It fills you with a sense of achievement since you are doing something productive.

3.  Customize Your Wardrobe

Wearing a new look might be a bit challenging if you did not voluntarily shave your head. However, you can always revamp your wardrobe and clothes to carry the charming appearance which you possess.

Shopping can be therapeutic if it is meant to help you embrace your new look. Try some new outfits and colors that suit you and grab their attention.

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4.  Maintain Your Bald Look

Bald heads are easier to maintain than hair and convenient too. However, it is a common misconception that bald heads do not need care. The truth is, bald or shaved heads need regular maintenance for them to retain the charm.

Now that you have to accept your baldness, you shall take good care of it and shave it frequently to get rid of minor strands of hair on your scalp. You need to moisturize, oil, shampoo and use SPF lotions to prevent your scalp from looking sick or unhygienic.

5.  Embrace Your Baldness As Your Strength

The final and the most important tip, you shall not perceive your baldness as a loophole in your appearance. You need to understand that at the end of the day, your confidence is your greatest asset. You shall not let the negative thoughts affect you severely and treat your ‘new’ look as an upgrade.

Surround yourself with positive energy and do communicate with your close ones if you fail to deal with the negative emotions by yourself.


As a newly-bald person, you might struggle a bit to accept the new reality. However, you shall not let the negative thoughts affect your life’s normalcy. After all, baldness is not the end of the world. Many renowned personalities all around the globe have been seen excelling in their respective fields, regardless of their baldness.

You shall welcome the change with a smile and enhance your new appearance in every way possible.