Toddle: Startup Story, About, Founders, Investors, Products, Competitors, Faqs

Toodle is a SaaS-based system that provides administration services to schools and universities
Toddle: Startup Story, About, Founders, Investors, Products, Competitors, Faqs
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Toodle is a SaaS-based system that provides administration services to schools and universities. It provides options for interaction between families, portfolios for learners, accounts, and preparation.

Toodle offers tools like daily organization, curriculum-related data analysis, portfolio devices, graphical growth reports, progress report collaboration, as well as others.

Toddle offers educators an environment for efficiency and cooperation. It offers sites for the IB PYP, MYP, and DP programs as well as the Cambridge and British educational programs, private educational institutions, and numerous additional programs.

Toodle is a Teacher’s Initial educational technology firm that provides teamwork and efficiency solutions to educators at all phases of education.

About Toodle –

Toddlers aid educators in doing the things they do effectively. The company’s goal is to empower sixty million educators in grades K–12 worldwide by providing relevant and individualized educational opportunities by enhancing the way they teach.

 They achieve this by developing user-friendly technological tools and top-notch educational assistance tools that provide educators with greater control over all facets of the educational experience. 

Toddle is currently utilized by instructors in over 1,000 IB along with other advanced institutions worldwide. Teaching teams can collaborate while planning, assess truthfully, promote student empowerment, and involve family members with Toddle.

Toddle gives instructors the tools they need to collaborate more effectively during all phases of the education process, from course planning and evaluation to progress monitoring and interaction with families. 

Toddle Community also connects instructors all over the globe for the exchange of the latest techniques and instructional materials in a plug-and-play format.

Name Of The CompanyToddle
Founded Year2019
Founders Of The CompanyDeepanshu Arora, Gautam Arora, Misbah Jafary And Nikhil Poonawala And Parita Parekh
Competitors Of The CompanyPowerschool, Brightwheel, Paper
Website Of The CompanyWww.Toddleapp.Com
Country Of OriginBengaluru, India
Investors Of The Company33
Valuation Of The Company79.2 Million Dollars

Toddle Name And Logo

Toddle Name And Logo
Toddle Name And Logo (Image source- LinkedIn)

Toodle Founders

Deepanshu Arora –

 Deepanshu Arora is the co-founder and CEO of Toodle.

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Deepanshu completed his education at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, where he studied as well as in electrical engineering from 2006 to 2011.

After completing his master’s, he worked for a year for Mckinsey & Company as a business analyst.

After that, he worked as a program manager for the Clinton health access initiative for five months.

Other than Toodle, Deepanshu has also founded two companies called Wonderboxx and Toddler’s Den.

 Deepanshu Arora is the co-founder and CEO of Toodle
 Deepanshu Arora is the co-founder and CEO of Toodle (Image source- LinkedIn)

Parita Parekh –

Parita Parekh is the co-founder and head of learning of Toodle.

She completed her bachelor’s at Brown University, where she studied for BA in arts in south asian studies.

After her bachelor’s, she went to Stanford for her master’s of arts in 2017.

Other than Toodle, Parita also founded Toddler’s Den.

 Parita Parekh is the co-founder as well as the head of learning of Toodle
 Parita Parekh is the co-founder as well as the head of learning of Toodle (Image source- LinkedIn)

Nikhil poonawala – 

Nikhil is the co-founder and the CTO of Toodle.

Nikhil graduated from DAIICT in Gandhinagar with an undergraduate degree. He started creating code while he was studying sixth grade and has gone on to work for organizations including Sprinklr and Play Power Labs.

Other than Toodle, he has also founded Dekorate Solutions.

Nikhil is the co-founder and the CTO of Toodle
Nikhil is the co-founder and the CTO of Toodle (Image source- LinkedIn)

Gautam Arora – 

Gautam Arora is the co-founder as well as the head of product at Toodle.

Gautam completed his bachelor’s from symbiosis institute of Design. Where he studied Design.

He has worked in many companies ranging from Aiesec india, CKS consulting pvt ltd,, sprinklr and IIT Bombay.

Gautam Arora is the co-founder as well as the head of product at Toodle
Gautam Arora is the co-founder as well as the head of product at Toodle (Image source- LinkedIn)

Misbah Jafary –

 Misbah is the co-founder as well as the COO – lead revenue at Toodle.

He completed his master’s in 2011 from IIT, Kanpur, where he studies in mechanical engineering.

Misbah has also worked in various like Unilever for 5 years and also founded toddler’s den as well.

 Misbah is the co-founder as well as the COO - lead revenue at Toodle
 Misbah is the co-founder as well as the COO – lead revenue at Toodle (Image source- LinkedIn)

Toodle Investors- 

Toodle has a total of 33 investors from which the company has raised 22.6 million dollars over 5 rounds of funding.

Some prominent investors of Toodle are – 

Sequoia Capital – 

Sequoia supports ambitious entrepreneurs as they create iconic businesses, from concept through IPO and onward. Sequoia is a venture capital firm with offices in India and Southeast Asia. They closely work with creators of a variety of businesses.

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The company’s owners were encouraged to continue pushing the feasible limits. Businesses that work with Sequoia gain access to its fifty years of indigenous wisdom and teachings. 

Matrix Partners India-

Matrix Partners India is a financing business focused on the Indian business and customer base at the seed stage, early, and initial stages of development. 

The company engages in founders throughout industries and is actively dedicated to assisting in the creation of businesses that bring changes.

 A handful of the businesses that Matrix invested in and still works directly with include Ola, Quikr, Practo, Dailyhunt, Mswipe, FiveStar, and Treebo.

3one4 Capital – 

3one4 Funding is a preliminary investment company headquartered in Bangalore, India. 

The business operates in a few particular market segments and at the nexus of expansive, expanding markets that are prepared to receive distinctive products and solutions. 

The fund’s primary emphasis areas are financial technology, consumer items, software as a service multimedia, climate technology, and digital wellness.

Toodle Products

  • Ib Pyp
  • Ib Myp
  • Ib Dp
  • Toddle Play
  • Cambridge Curriculum (Caie)
  • British Curriculum
  • Independent Schools
  • Ubd Schools
  • Despoke Solution

Toodle Competitors- 

Powerschool – 

PowerSchool Educational administration solutions are offered through an application built around cloud computing and apps.

It provides application monitoring, student data systems, accounting, and registration management services. 

Additionally, it provides electronic books, seminars, and suggestions for parental involvement. Additionally, it offers methods for applicant evaluation.

The company was founded in 1997 in Folsom, United States.


Brightwheel provides a web-based administration system for pre-schools. The software can be used by instructors to maintain records on a daily basis, interact with families, and receive payments.

Educators can use extra features to keep tabs on classes, make findings, exchange images and written notes, and learn more about everyday tasks. Parents receive immediate information on their kid’s actions.


The paper offers schools and colleges an arrangement of assistance with instruction. 

It offers elements including e-learning approaches, studying tools for collaboration, retention for educators options, customized educational options, and others. It serves instructional and educational options for both educators and learners, accordingly.

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Faqs Related To Toodle

When was Toodle founded?

The company was founded in 2019.

Where was Toodle founded?

The company was founded in Bengaluru, India.

What is the total funding received by Toodle?

The company has raised a total funding of 22.6 million dollars.

When was the latest funding round of Toodle?

The company’s latest round was on December 29, 2022, when it raised 17 million dollars.

What is the valuation of Toodle?

The company’s valuation is 17 million dollars.

In what space does Toodle serve?

The company serves in the B2B and SaaS space.

In what market segment does Toodle serve?

The company serves the ed-tech market.

Who is the board of directors of Toodle?

The BOD of the company is deepanshu arora and Parita Parekh.

 Is Toodle present on any social media platform?

Yes, the company is present on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

 Are there any angel investors who have invested in Toodle?

Yes, Kunal Bahl and 17 more angel investors have invested in Toodle.


Toddle is a Bengaluru, India-based instructional software startup that incorporates several educational programs, including British, Cambridge, and other methods of learning from private educational institutions. 

Educators from all around the world exchange educational resources that have proven effective for their courses of study so that educators everywhere can successfully improve the educational experience for the students they teach.

Despite the fact that they began their business in Bengaluru, India, only up to 7% of their earnings is generated by educational institutions there. 

With over 250 million kids being taught throughout the regular school week, the educational system in India employs an estimated 8.5 million instructors in a total of 1.5 million institutions.

Toodle enables instructors to provide effective instruction. The business’s primary offering is an IB PYP collaboration system that allows instructors to collaborate, foster student autonomy, personalize education, and include family members, allowing instructors to grow more successful at all phases of their instructional careers.

According to Toddle, more than four thousand teachers from more than one thousand institutions have utilized it, completely free and for a fee, in excess of 100 nations worldwide. 

It presently runs in the US, UK, Australia, China, and the UAE, in addition to India. 

Toodle will soon provide a product for kindergartens; the firm has extended its range of goods to include other curriculum types like Cambridge, British, and American.

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