Top 10 Cloud Telephony Software

Cloud Telephony Software
Cloud Telephony Software
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Cloud telephony is a technology that allows your business to make phone calls in the cloud, using an Internet connection. Users can make instant calls using any computer or other smart device with an internet connection. You don’t need to invest in installing different handsets or any other hardware. It can be classified as UCaaS, Unified Communications as a service, which means that it combines various communications and tools to provide voice, text, and video messages from a third party host. Customers can access the cloud phone only through the Internet and pay as needed through a subscription payment model. This means that whether you’re working in a local, offline, or hybrid workspace, deployment is incredibly easy. In this article, we will see the list of Top 10 Cloud Telephony Software.

Top 10 Cloud Telephony Software:


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Pulse is a unified communications service for businesses. This cloud phone provider easily forwards incoming calls to agents in various departments. Of course, it also provides a receptionist who can handle your incoming calls efficiently. It is one of the top Cloud Telephony Software.

  • Features:
  • Allows users to hide phone numbers and select area codes to maintain complete privacy and anonymity. 
  • Use unlimited VoIP calls, prepaid and talktime plans at affordable prices.
  • Cloud forwarding, smart call queue, encrypted calls, call forwarding, recording, etc.


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Exotel simplifies customer engagement by providing omnichannel call center management features. It helps companies set up their customer service and remote sales teams in 30 minutes. Its call tracking and analytics features ensure your remote teams are more productive and provide the best customer service to your customers. It comes in the list of the best Cloud Telephony Software.

  • Features of Exotel:
  • Get a free 1800 series number so your customers can call you for free
  • Integrate voice calls with Helpdesk, CRM, website, apps, etc., to provide personalized customer service. 
  • Use the automatic call distribution tool to automatically assign your calls to the right operator.
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MyOperator allows companies to manage incoming and outgoing calls, improve their customer support and increase their sales. It monitors the performance of your team through a real-time live dashboard and helps increase their productivity. In fact, the cloud phone company offers over 50 call management features including call tracking, recording, forwarding, and more. It is one of the most amazing Cloud Telephony Software.

  • Features of MyOperator:
  • Get an easily identifiable vanity number to maximize brand recall value
  • Know your business call traffic with a live dashboard
  • Use reports to analyze each user’s call volume and performance


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Servetel enables companies to conduct multiple voice campaigns for various sectors such as politics, education, health, banking, e-commerce, hospitality, etc. In fact, users pay for answered calls, reducing overall advertising costs. This flexible pricing allows you to easily adapt your campaign to what is needed and what is needed. It is one of the top Cloud Telephony Software.

  • Features of Servetel:
  • Use a comprehensive dashboard to monitor your employees’ performance
  • Get real-time analytics for live calls and campaigns
  • Protect your customers from unwanted calls by filtering “Do Not Call” numbers.



Cloud phone provider CallHippo not only increases the productivity of your users but also incentivizes them with built-in quality badges for recognition. On top of that, it allows you to add a welcome message or song to greet callers and cheer them up while they wait for an operator to answer. It comes in the list of the best Cloud Telephony Software.

  • Features of CallHippo:
  • Record incoming and outgoing calls for research and training purposes
  • Get a comprehensive dashboard to track the performance of your agents
  • Create call reports to review team goals.
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Ozonetel’s dashboard allows you to access all call controls effectively including hold, mute and transfer with just one click. Also, you can ask cloud phone providers to integrate with CRM to support one-click calling functionality. This will allow users to call directly from the CRM itself. It is one of the most amazing Cloud Telephony Software.

  • Features:
  • Edit IVR with drag and drop functionality without coding.
  • Redirect after-hours calls to agents working different shifts, voicemail or IVR.
  • Get advanced API customized.


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CloudConnect provides scalable, affordable and secure cloud telephony services for businesses and enterprises. And also offers a mobile and digital PBX that allows users to make business calls from any device, any time. It helps users improve their sales and marketing operations through voice messaging, IVR enabled, call centering, and more. It is one of the top Cloud Telephony Software.

  • CloudConnect feature:
  • Share text messages and attachments with your callers instantly.
  • Low maintenance costs for hardware.
  • An intelligent way to call the right staff to reduce query time.


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Cloud telephony provider Ameyo helps businesses set up remote call centers with flexible solutions. You can easily manage outbound, inbound and mixed call center models with full flexibility. Also, it allows users to communicate directly through voice and video calls and text messages. It comes in the list of the best Cloud Telephony Software.

  • Features:
  • Protect customer privacy by hiding numbers, call history, records, and more. 
  • Use the Push to Call feature to call numbers directly without calling them.
  • Reduce agent management time by using a unified agent desktop because they won’t need to switch between screens



Cloud phone provider Microtel helps businesses tap into local and international markets using voice and SMS services. The software allows you to send bulk voice messages to establish a connection with the recipient. Also, you can also send great messages for promotions and offers to your customers and prospects. It is one of the most amazing Cloud Telephony Software.

  • Features of microtel:
  • Make more calls to increase agent productivity
  • Integration is available for third party websites, applications, CRM and ERP
  • Organize border information by specifying time and date
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Knowlarity provides cloud telephony services for small businesses, startups, and enterprises to improve customer engagement. It offers voice, messaging, video, and other AI solutions that help you connect with customers and prospects instantly. It is one of the top Cloud Telephony Software.

  • Features:
  • Boost agent productivity with Knowlarity’s autopilot
  • Use pre-recorded messages to make outgoing calls
  • Ensure Good Lead Generation and Missed Call Service

Top 10 Cloud Telephony Software with their website: Telephony SoftwareWebsite


What are the 2 types of call centers?

  • In-House.
  • Outsourced.

What are the types of customers in the call center?

  • New customers.
  • Impulse customers.
  • Angry customers.
  • Insistent customers.
  • Loyal customers.

What is the KPI for a call center?

  • A KPI, or key performance indicator, is something that a contact center uses to determine whether they are meeting business goals such as efficiency and providing exceptional service.

What is the best management style for a call center?

  • Participative Leader

What are the 3 disadvantages of VoIP?

  • Reliable Internet Connection Required.
  • Latency and Jitter.
  • No location tracking for emergency calls.

Which are the main features of hosted cloud telephony?

  • Real-time screens, 
  • Automated analytics, and 
  • Remote telephony.

What are the 3 cloud service models?

  • Software as a service (SaaS)
  • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)
  • Platform as a service (PaaS).

What are the challenges of cloud computing?

  • Security.
  • Password Security.
  • Cost Management.
  • Lack of expertise.
  • Internet Connectivity.
  • Control or Governance.
  • Compliance.


  • So, these are the list of Top 10 Cloud Telephony Software. You can select any of the above mentioned software which suits your requirement best.

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