Top 10 Online Shopping sites in Dubai
Top 10 Online Shopping sites in Dubai

Top 10 Online Shopping sites in Dubai

Today is the era of online shopping. Everyone with a smartphone is guilty of buying things online ranging from books to clothes to foodstuffs. We today depend on the internet for the smallest of our needs. Why is this? Well, the world wide web provides one with ample options and significantly more options than the normal way of going to a marketplace. Going in circles in such marketplaces is not only time consuming but also very cumbersome as it is often that we do not buy anything at all and merely walk around aimlessly.

With online shopping one can not only browse multiple options simultaneously we also have the option of picking amazing options of that same product with multiple buyers and great deals and discounts. Dubai has one of the most extensive options to choose from when it comes to online shopping sites. While one may get lost on the internet trying to look for the best deals, we have compiled this list of sites to help you shop at peace. Next time you want to buy something, make sure you keep this list handy.

1. Namshi

If you want to buy clothing articles for kids, women, and men, Namshi is the best option for you. It encompasses all the fashionable clothing options that are available on the internet for you and according to your taste. The webpage is easy to operate and the interface is quite user-friendly. Among the brand s which are featured n this attractive site are, Nike, Forever 21, Misguided and Top Shop. The payment methods on this website are also secure and make sure that the deals are the best in Dubai. You will find attractive discounts like buying one article free on the purchase of one. You can pay via Pay Pal, MasterCard and even in cash on delivery. Finally, this website also allows you to change an article in case the same is damaged.


If you are looking for an online shopping platform for electronics, Ubuy is a great choice. It lets you choose from electronics such as laptops, TVs, speakers, microphones, cameras, smartphone cords, alkaline batteries, adapter, and several other options. On top of the same, you can do this from a pool of your preferred brands. The brands promise and delivers only the originals of these products. The brands available on their site include ASUS, HP, Amazon, iBUYPOWER, MSI, and Razer. Acceptable payment options include cards and PayPal.


Doduae.com is the one-stop destination if you want exotic and stylish women’s clothing. This UAE built platform gives you amazing dresses that would want you to keep coming back. Apart from the enormous variety of clothing their prices are hugely discounted. One could get up to 50% discounted prices on your order depending on the quantity and the kind of clothing you are purchasing.
This website also has a huge inventory of shoes, watches, bags, jewelry, makeup, and other option that any lady would desire. The website’s customer service is a class apart and their delivery within the UAE is within 24 hours. This website accepts payments via the regular cards and also allows you to pay on delivery.


Make sure you visit Souq if you are looking for cheap electronics. This is an online platform for both buyers and sellers. It may be called UAE’s Amazon. If you are a buyer, the website allows you to look through the following options, namely clothing, electronics, jewelry, mobile phones, and accessories. You also get a 30% discount on your first purchase. The delivery within the UAE is free from additional delivery costs. You can also change your purchased items at no cost of the exchange. They support all methods of payment via cards with the great option of payment on the delivery of your order.


This is the one-stop website for all kinds of electronics. This UAE store is complete with varied kind of electronics of different kinds and brands. This page has a chat option where you can communicate directly with their agents to clarify any questions that you might have. They have discounted prices on many options and many of the products are available at good discounts. While some of the appliances sold on this platform require experts to assemble them for you, you can be rest assured that they will not be faulty. These services and experts are also sent and made available by the website. With respect to payments, you can pay the cash on the delivery of the product or you pay via credit or debit cards.

6.Raw Orange

This website is the one-stop place for gowns, skirts, and bodysuits in addition to other women’s clothing items. The prints and the designs are varied and you will find a huge array of fabrics to choose from. Payment options are varied including cash on delivery.


This online platform is for clothing for kids. It provides for payment of delivery along with supporting other means of payment. As a first time user, you can also avail of a 10% discount on this website.


This website is famous for the discounts that it gives on the products that you will buy for exorbitant prices elsewhere. Make sure you avail of the amazing options given by them. They support all kinds of payment methods.


Noon.com has an exhaustive list of products to buy from ranging from electronics to categories such as fashion, home, beauty, baby, kitchen, and top brand categories.
If you buy electronics from Noon.com, you can avail of 50% discounts. Electronics such as Laptops to TVs and several other gadgets are available on this website. The customer service by this website is amazing and very responsive. Researching for any electronics on this website is completely hassle-free.
This website also has Cash on Delivery option which is supported and you can also pay from Express, Visa or MasterCard. The website also offers a warranty up to 12 months and you may exchange the item at no additional cost.

10.Dubai Shoppers

At Dubai Shoppers, you will find a wide variety of exotic printers, cameras, keyboards, motherboards, and networking tools. Additionally, you can also buy from leading options and brands at a discounted price.



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