Top 10 Reasons to Move To London

Top 10 Reasons to Move To London
Top 10 Reasons to Move To London
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Planning on moving to London? London is widely known as one of the best cities to live and travel to. UK’s capital is full of delightful adventures that attract tourists from all across the world. With attractions such as Buckingham Palace, the London Eye and more, this destination is definitely the place to be!

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Here’s why you should visit the capital:

1. Very Culturally Diverse

London is widely known to be home to people from different ethnicities. More than 300 languages are spoken in London and a third of London’s population is born abroad. This not only creates a variety of fun people to be friends with, but you can also enjoy real food from all over the world right there in your home.

2. Incredible Transportation System

London is home to the famous metro that spans over 250 miles. You can get anywhere through the metro.

The coloured lines may confuse you at first, but soon you will be roaming the underground tunnels! It is definitely the most well-connected city in all of Europe. There is a train that goes wherever you want to go. Brussels? No problem.

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3. Very Expensive Lifestyle

It is very well known that London is a very expensive city to live in, perhaps the most expensive worldwide. However, wages (usually) are enough to cover the additional cost of living. The average monthly income after tax in London is £ 2,814 / 3,100. Revenue is very low in some European cities. For example, in Amsterdam, the average monthly rent for a house is € 2,906. In Barcelona, the average monthly income after tax is € 1,436, while in Budapest the average income is only € 751 a month.

4. Work for getting a good job

Try applying and getting a job before you move to London. Living there without a reliable source of income is very difficult. There are numerous opportunities and you can apply through platforms such as LinkedIn, Glassdoor or more.

It doesn’t matter what you are. Real Estate, Businessman, Artist, Accountant or Journalist, London will value your Work. We guarantee you!

5. Neighbors

Are you a hipster fashion lover? Business consultant? From Camden to Croydon, you will find a place in London that you will love and tailor to your lifestyle and needs. Not only that, you can go abroad without leaving the city. If you’re in the mood for Italian, you can visit Little Venice. It may not be too hot, but it has its fair share of authentic Italian restaurants. Chinatown has incredible dumplings.

6. Humor

English jokes are not known in vain around the world. From Camden to Westminster, you will find strange, diverse, entertaining people everywhere in London. Everyone is a character!

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7. Music and clubbing venue

London is one of the liveliest cities of the world. It is happening and full of activities. The parties and gathering with music continue till late at night. There will always be a new bar, concert or show on your street.

8. Food, food, delicious food

As a music venue, there are restaurants everywhere you open. So it is best to get a gym membership if you can’t control your diet. The cuisine is divine and there are numerous options. Rural markets have captured our attention on how they bring rural areas to the city.

People love Indian Curry in the UK! the British are a big fan of Indian food, and you can taste some of the world’s best food on Brick Lane in London.

9. London Skyline

London Eye, Parliament House, sharp and beautiful buildings, the views are not disappointing at all. Even the most expensive cocktail in the rooftop bar is worth a drink with an amazing look. What you see will surprise you.

10. In the end, you can’t finish the things you have to do

There are so many places you can visit, no matter the time of year. It’s an all-season tourist destination. From world-famous attractions like Big Ben and high-end art shows like Tate Modern to places like Cat Cafe, there is something for everyone.

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