Top 12 Best Costa Rica Beaches to Enjoy Your Vacation

Top 12 Best Costa Rica Beaches to Enjoy Your Vacation
Top 12 Best Costa Rica Beaches to Enjoy Your Vacation

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Spectacular beaches, palm trees, and crystal clear waters make Costa Rica a top tourist destination in Central America.

As a pristine example of nature at work, the best beaches in Costa Rica are one of the world’s best-kept secrets. The lush coastline is home to a wide variety of species, making this country a desirable destination for humans and other forms of life.

It’s important to take extra precautions while traveling with kids. The water is shallow enough for wading, and there should be enough entertainment options to keep visitors engaged.

In this informative piece, you will see a selection of Costa Rica’s finest beaches to consider while organizing your next holiday. Knowing the must-see places in our Costa Rica travel guide will help you plan your trip.

Why Visit Costa Rica’s Beaches?

Costa Rica’s 800 kilometers of Pacific and Caribbean coastline provide many beaches. Some have white sand beaches, blue oceans, and palm trees for shade. You can enjoy vacationing on Costa Rica beaches anytime you want, as they are all publicly accessible. It’s not easy to get to the peaceful beaches unless you stay at the major hotels nearby.

Some parents may second-guess sending their kids on vacation to Costa Rica because of safety concerns. In that case, remember that riptides and high waves can cause people to drown. That’s why ask locals whether the beach is safe before swimming, and avoid swimming too far amid heavy waves.

So, with some basic precautions, Costa Rica’s best beaches can compete with the best in the world.

Best Beaches in Costa Rica

One of Central America’s friendliest nations, Costa Rica, is a popular tourist destination. The destination draws those looking to unwind, get in touch with nature, and learn about a new culture.

This beautiful country has unusual wildlife, lovely national parks, and exhilarating zipline experiences. Costa Rica is a tropical paradise with some of the world’s most stunning coastlines. Everyone can find what they are looking for.

There are no adequate words to describe this area. The best Costa Rica beaches are an unforgettable paradise that you won’t soon forget. Let’s look at a few of Costa Rica’s most renowned beaches.

1.   Playa Hermosa

Tamarindo and its lively fiesta culture are major draws for tourists to Guanacaste. But if your family is seeking a relaxing vacation, this region also offers some stunning beaches to check out.

Playa Hermosa is a popular tourist destination located on the Pacific coast up north. The waves are leisurely and gentle as they sweep along the beach in this broad cove.

Youngsters who aren’t yet ready to swim in the more powerful waves would love this beach. Without the danger of riptides or undertow, children may safely explore the coastline in search of seashells.

When your kids have had enough of the beach, they might enjoy a few more activities.

You may also go horseback riding along the shore in addition to the fantastic snorkeling, jet skiing, and scuba diving. Families may enjoy animals, rivers, and waterfalls on horseback riding adventures.

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A more quiet way to have fun is to go to the local animal shelter. You may also take a boat tour of the park if you like. Possible crocodile sighting!

2.   Jaco Beach

The central Pacific coast of Costa Rica is home to Jaco Beach, which is located in the province of Puntarenas. Beachgoers, both local and foreign, go there in droves. It’s famous for its stunning sunsets, exciting nightlife, and the world-class surfing.

You may swim, surf, or simply lay out on Jaco Beach and enjoy the sunshine and warm weather. It’s a great destination to spend the day or night because of all the exciting pubs and restaurants.

Jaco Beach is home to powerful rip currents. Therefore, only swim in designated areas supervised by lifeguards.

3.   Tamarindo Beach

Tamarindo is located in Guanacaste, a region northwest of Costa Rica. Because of its excellent surfing, fishing, and turtle nesting opportunities, this beach is among the most visited in Costa Rica.

Surfers of all skill levels may find ideal conditions at this beach. You may unwind and enjoy the scenery at one of the numerous cafes or pubs that dot the landscape.

If you want to visit Tamarindo, Costa Rica, and beaches and escape the crowd, the best times are spring and fall. You may also enjoy some excellent fishing at Tamarindo.

Day trips and overnight excursions are standard offerings from charter firms. Cast your worries aside and take Costa Rica’s natural splendor as you fish.

Tamarindo is the place to go if you want to see some turtles. The critically endangered Leatherback turtle uses this beach as a significant breeding ground. People interested in seeing these turtles up close and contributing to conservation efforts may do so by taking part in a tour.

4.   Playa Carrillo

Samara is a favorite place for families visiting the nature of Costa Rica. Playa Carrillo is located just next to this lively and charming town.

Weak tides and gentle waves make this beach ideal for families with small children. A sandbar is a great place for children to swim, play, and then unwind on the soft, warm sand.

Towering palm palms frame the crescent-shaped beach. There is a lot of cover and room to roam about.

There aren’t any beachfront eateries, so bring a picnic to enjoy on the sand. But if you are willing to travel for only 15 minutes, you will reach the city of Samara, where you will find several eateries and entertainment venues.

Take the kids to see the macaw parrots at the breeding facility if they like birds and learning. Or, see these reptiles from the water by taking a kayaking or boating excursion.

Children of a certain age may benefit from surfing lessons from local pros at the beach. A beginner may learn the fundamentals of surfing at this beach.

5.   Playa Negra

This famous beach in the reggae-fueled town of Cahuita is known for its glossy black sand, which shimmers in the sunlight. Even if the sand is too hot to the touch during the middle of the day, you can always cool yourself in the Caribbean Sea. Despite being the most popular swimming location in town, it is seldom congested.

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6.   The Beaches of Manuel Antonio

Manuel Antonio National Park and the hamlet of Manuel Antonio are home to several beautiful beaches. This is a top Costa Rica travel destination for its beaches, wildlife, and lively culture.

The beach of Playa Espadilla, famous for its gentle waves and crystal blue water, is just in front of the little village. This stretch of beach is approximately two miles long, ideal for a morning jog or afternoon picnic.

Locals and visitors alike often flock there. You can find plenty of sunbeds and umbrellas for you to use. There is another beach, Playitas, beyond the rocky headland where this one terminates.

You will discover two more picture-perfect beaches within Manuel Antonio National Park. A little distance separates these two spots on opposite sides of Cathedral Point.

7.   Playa Grande

Playa Grande can be found on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. It is located north of Tamarindo. You can surf, watch turtles nest, kick back and relax on Playa Grande. Many different guided tour choices are available.

You may find perfect waves for beginners and pros alike at this beach. The beach attracts both residents and visitors because of its reliable surf breaks. As a bonus, the water temperature is consistently comfortable.

The Leatherback turtle uses Playa Grande as a crucial breeding ground. A fully grown leatherback may reach a length of seven feet and a weight of around 700 kilos.

These lizard-like creatures are unlike any others in the reptilian world. The lifesaving work done to preserve them has a profound impact.

8. Playa Iguanita

The Gulf of Papagayo is where you will find Playa Iguanita. It’s often considered to be among Guanacaste’s finest beaches. For one, you won’t have to contend with crowds of people. You will visit less crowded, less touristy beaches, where you can relax peacefully.

The Iguana Wildlife Refuge is home to the beautiful Iguanita Beach. Various unusual creatures, including iguanas and howler monkeys, make their home in the preserve. During the wetter months, getting about in this region will need a vehicle with four-wheel drive.

Swimming is a pleasure at this beach. However, as an estuary, the water contains fresh and salty elements. The fun doesn’t stop there; you may also try kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, or surfing. Since the waves are less intimidatingly tiny, this is an ideal area for beginners to master surfing.

9.   Santa Teresa Beach

Santa Teresa Beach is a gorgeous stretch of sand on the Nicoya Peninsula, not far from Montezuma. The offshore breakers at this two-mile stretch of beach are some of the best in the area. It’s perfect for strolling and basking in the sunshine.

Colorful fish and sea anemones populate the tidal pools exposed at low tide. If you are looking for a great site to watch the sun go down, this beach is it.

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You may also reach Playa Cobano to the north and Playa Carmen to the south if you need more beaches. Santa Teresa, Cobano, and Carmen all provide a variety of hotels and restaurants serving international cuisine.

10. Playa Nacascolo

Playa Nacascolo is one of Costa Rica’s best-kept secrets. Guanacaste, a province of Costa Rica, can be found hidden away on the Papagayo Peninsula. Beaches in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, have many trees, making them ideal for families.

The best part is that you can go nature watching without worrying about your safety. Tourists have seen white-faced monkeys and coatis.

Scarlet macaws are only one of many colorful birds that can be seen here. Since they are accustomed to getting food from humans, monkeys will approach homes and take what they can get.

Snorkeling and scuba diving are additional popular activities at the beach. Group and individual trips are available from various local tour companies. The beach’s facilities are another one of its many great features.

There are barbecue grills, a playground, and a swimming pool. The beach’s surf conditions are ideal for swimming and snorkeling. There are also quite a few places to eat and drink and a few budget motels.

11. Playa Flamingo

If you go north from Playa Conchal, you will find Playa Flamingo. In contrast to most Costa Rica Caribbean beaches, Flamingo Beach has light gray sand, nearly white. As the name suggests, when the sun hits the white sand just so, it takes on a rosy color.

There aren’t any dangerous waves, and the beach is excellent for swimming. It’s still ongoing, and people aren’t often lounging about on the beach. Instead, a few high-end villas and beach trees will soothe the fierce Costa Rican heat.

12. Playa Conchal

Playa Conchal is located on the Nicoya Peninsula, not far from Tamarindo. Clear seas lap along the shores of this stunning crescent beach. Because the waves are often less intense, this beach is perfect for swimmers.

It’s a busy beach, but you won’t feel squished there. The unusual composition of the beach, little crushed sea shells, makes it a little more challenging to walk on. Please bring a pair of comfortable sandals. It is an excellent location for snorkeling due to the clarity of the water and the shells that make up the beach.

Parking is available for a modest price at the nearby village of Brasilito Beach, and from there, you can walk a short distance to the beach. Here, on Playa Conchal, sits the all-inclusive Westin Resort & Spa.


Choosing one of the many stunning beaches in Costa Rica takes time. You may do everything from yoga, zip lining, getting in touch with nature, and visiting the beach of your dreams in Costa Rica.

Roll the dice and select a beach randomly if you can’t decide where to go on vacation. No matter where you wind up, it will be an incredible adventure.

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