Top 4 Functions Small Businesses Should Outsource
Top 4 Functions Small Businesses Should Outsource

Top 4 Functions Small Businesses Should Outsource

Scaling small businesses needs to prioritize business goals in order to succeed. Business owners need to delegate certain business functions in order to focus their attention on business growth. As a small-sized company, it might be tempting to take on certain services, such as recruitment or social media. However, this can lead to a waste of resources that could have been better spent elsewhere. Here are four business functions that should be outsourced to third-party specialists.

Cyber Security

All businesses with an online presence are at risk of cybercrime. Cyber attackers use sophisticated methods to divert company funds by extracting information. One of the major issues with cybercrime is that it is ever-growing and evolving, which is why all businesses require IT specialists to keep their sensitive data safe. Outsourcing cyber security to a third-party provider means security for your network and helps keep your business safe online. Even if your small business has a dedicated IT department, a cyber expert will likely provide a greater level of protection for your company. Third-party providers use the latest technology and systems, they are clued up about the industry, and they will ensure your business is protected at all times—even if an IT staff member is on leave.

Human Resources and Recruitment

HR encompasses many different functions that relate to your workforce. This includes payroll, employee relations, and training. As a small business with a growing number of staff, HR services may seem more manageable. However, taking on these functions yourself, or delegating them to another member of staff, can be a huge waste of money and time. Not only can HR take a lot of time and effort, getting it wrong can lead to a demoralized workforce, staff members who can’t do their job properly, and non-compliance with labor laws and regulations. A HR company can perform these business functions properly and allow you to refocus your attention on other areas of your business.

Recruitment is another HR function that can take up a lot of time and resources. However, instead of outsourcing this function to a HR company, small businesses can try virtual recruiting. Oleeo’s mobile recruitment app is designed for scalability. It is an affordable way for small businesses to hire talent. With their Recruiting Enablement technology platform, you can streamline the entire recruitment process and have a team of qualified recruits in no time.


Some of the most commonly outsourced services lie within accounting. Accounting functions require expert knowledge and a specialist skill set. As with HR, failure to perform some of these functions properly can lead to non-compliance and high penalty fees.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the process of optimizing your business website to increase the number of visitors who are more likely to complete a desired action. This action could be signing up for a subscription on your website or purchasing a product. A CRO agency identifies bottlenecks and tests website elements, like call to action buttons, website design, and content, to make sure all CRO factors are fulfilled. With effective CRO, more visitors to your site will convert to consumers.



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