Top 5 Crypto Billionaires 2022…Hurun Rich list

Top 5 Crypto Billionaires 2022...Hurun Rich list
Top 5 Crypto Billionaires 2022...Hurun Rich list
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The industry of cryptocurrency has been proven to be very helpful for individuals who are just new to the field. Retail investors have been in the market who were interested in the crypto space from the very beginning. The returns are quite high per investment and people have built some great crypto-based solutions as well. The platforms which have been performing well have included the richest traders from different parts of the world. With that growth, cryptos are taxed across the globe.

The Hurun Rich List has included the famous 17 Billionaires from different parts of the world. You might go through this if you are interested in the first 5 crypto Billionaires around the world. The details are integrated from the data collected in 2022.

  1. Changpeng Zhao:

Changpeng Zhao is one of the Chinese Canadian businessmen who founded Binance and is presently the CEO of the platform. Zhao is known quite popularly as CA in the crypto world and it is estimated that he has a net value of 23 billion USD. Binance was launched early in 2017 and it has become one of the front runners in the world of crypto.

Zhao is one of the people who had been running in the first line of the crypto movement. This is quite great for a CEO who launched an information and platform in 2017.

  1. Samuel Bankman-Fried (SBF): 

Samuel Bankman Fried is an alumnus of MIT and he had been responsible for the basic foundation of crypto exchange FTX in 2019. FTC has been blooming since then and there are more than 1 million users on this platform. The market capital was worth almost 10 billion USD on this particular platform. SBF had been behind the curtain when one first transaction between crypto and sports started to evolve. He is believed to have a net worth of 21 billion USD in the present market.

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The work which has been done by SBF till now is quote commendable and great. He has opened up a new horizon between the trade of crypto and sports goodies. This has been helpful for both crypto and sporting communities.

  1. Brian Armstrong: 

Brian Armstrong is yet another name in the crypto world who has been considered to be a great asset. He has a net worth of 10 billion USD and he has some special contribution to the world of cryptocurrency. He had introduced the idea of exchange in Coinbase for on-ramp and off-ramp transactions. One can buy crypto with traditional currencies and sell the same for crypto on this platform which has been mastered by Brian Armstrong. The transactions are quite free in this case. The financial system is quite accessible to common users. Coinbase presently has 89 million users in over 100 countries all around the world.

  1. Chris Larsen: 

Larsen is one of the executive chairmen of Ripple. He was also CEP of the same company. Several startups which were initiated in Silicon Valley were started by him. His net worth is placed at 6.7 billion USD. Ripple is very well known in the world of crypto. The real-time gross settlement system which is available at Ripple is very famous around the world. This is wanted by several people who are interested in cryptocurrency from different units of the globe.

  1. Jed McCaleb: 

Finally, Jed McCaleb, who is also the founder of Ripple is one of the most famous entrepreneurs around the world. He is a programmer as well and has been involved in philanthropic works throughout the world. He moved away from Ripple in 2013 and founded Stellar under his leadership. He has a net worth of 3.8 billion USD and is presently the CTO of Stellar. He introduced a system that is way more cross border oriented and off-ramp based transaction system. This was initiated between any two pairs of currencies.

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You have to be very careful about the investment which has been made in the world of crypto. Some people have been successful in this field of cryptocurrency and have worked as CEOs of exchange platforms. You have to aim high if you want to get successful in the crypto industry. Make sure that you have worked through this market through a diversified portfolio.

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