Top 5 Educational Tours in Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls

When you are determined to learn and travel simultaneously, finding a place that would be as unusual and amazing as Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe is hard. It all started with the legendary journey of David Livingstone, the first English man to describe what it was like to see Victoria Falls in person. He said that no Englishman could imagine all the beauty compared to anything that one could witness in good old England. It is not surprising because the beautiful views one can encounter are second to none.

 As David Livingstone was taken to an island by the local inhabitants, he said that it is one of the most striking experiences he had ever had, thus naming the island Livingstone Island. If there is a place in the world that is truly worth visiting and learning more about, it is Victoria Falls. Luckily, there are accessible tours that focus on education that you can pursue by exploring the options below. 

Top 5 Educational Tours in Victoria Falls 

1. Steam Train Tour. 

If there is an affordable educational tour where you can travel on a legendary steam train, you should not miss this tour. This Steam Train tour starts from Victoria Falls, which is in Zimbabwe, yet you can also start from the beautiful Livingstone Island in Zambia. It means you can choose to travel in time and enjoy the great sights as you learn about the historical departure point built in 1904. You will also learn about the African bush specifics and enjoy a fabulous dinner. There’s even Wi-Fi access, so you can approach the best essay writing service and enjoy doing homework as you travel by asking experts to assist you with completing or proofreading your work. It’s an experience you will definitely enjoy! 

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2. Traditional Village Tour. 

The best way to learn is to become a part of an authentic African village as you meet the local people and witness rural life the way it was meant to be. It is one of the best experiences to consider for learners of all ages. It is only about 20 minutes away from Victoria Falls town (by car). You can even talk to the villagers through the guide and ask them about their life. While it is tribal, you will enjoy the rural homes and learn more about the daily challenges the locals face. 

3. Chobe Day Trip. 

It’s the best option for those who want to learn about the wildlife of Victora Falls and more. You will even visit the Chobe National Park. It is located in Botswana, so you may also spend the night there, which is why the day trip is the safest option. There will be no Internet access in most places, so make sure that you finish all your studies in advance or get your college research paper ready before you start the trip, so you can enjoy the trip and take notes on paper or a voice recorder. 

4. Shear Water School Trips. 

If you are planning a school trip, there is no better way to enjoy the place and learn more about the local wildlife. Based on over 117 positive group reviews, the company has amazing guides and provides you with both educational and touristic activities. All the things like airport transfer and accommodation are also taken care of, so it’s one of the best options to consider if you want to deal with knowledgeable people who keep things fun and inspiring. If you are enrolled in one of the tourism colleges in the United States, you may discuss your objectives as the people behind this tour are truly friendly and caring.

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5. Victoria Falls Bridges Tour. 

Get your 45 minutes long trip as you learn about the local bridges and enjoy the history in a truly theatrical way. It’s definitely the most breathtaking way to learn History, Architecture, and Engineering in person! 

When is the Best Time For a Visit? 

It will always depend on the weather and the Zambezi River because the water levels may change significantly, thus affecting the list of things you can do when visiting Victoria Falls. While there is seasonal rainfall and the unique ecosystem you can observe, you may also run into drastic changes and see how the volumes of water floating over the Falls changes as well. 

For example, visiting in November usually results in the lowest water level. If you want to have the best experience, then April and May should be the time to pay a visit, as you will enjoy the thunderous walls of sparkling water. Now, when you want to enjoy the wildlife and see more than Victoria Falls, you may visit in June and September when it is not extremely hot yet! It makes it clear that you can visit anytime, as it will only depend on what you are after!


Diane Sherron loves to travel and explore the world as she seeks the best ways to learn and grow anywhere. As an educator and entrepreneur, she believes that studying the culture of the world and visiting places helps to expand one’s creative horizons. Follow Diane to take your learning to another level and find exploration. 

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