Top 7 Corporate Video Production Companies in Dubai

Top 7 Corporate Video Production Companies in Dubai

Have you ever thought about creating a cartoon (or some animation) to use as an intro on your website or on social networks, perhaps to promote a product or service of your business? Most likely “yes” but, just as likely, you will have given up convinced that to do so you need great graphic skills and very expensive software. In reality this is not always the case.

On the Net, in fact, it is possible to find various online services that allow, even those who are less experienced, to create cartoons and funny animations in an extremely simple and intuitive way . To start, you just need to be equipped only with imagination and a little healthy curiosity: by following our tips you will discover how simple it is to create beautiful animated videos through extremely intuitive and, sometimes, even free tools.

With a few clicks you can try your hand at developing a real animation tailored to your needs: with a little patience it will not take long to learn how to use the services offered and you will discover that you are able to create a real cartoon. animated even without purchasing any professional animation software.


Dotmotions is a leading video production company in Dubai, UAE. We produce high-quality corporate and brand videos, commercials, explainer videos, case study videos, product videos, testimonial videos and more. Our team of experienced professionals will work closely with you to understand your specific needs and requirements and create a video that effectively communicates your message. Whether you need a simple explainer video or a complex corporate film, we can help you achieve your objectives. Contact us today to discuss your project in detail.

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Animaker is a platform for beginners, amateurs and professionals for creating animation and live action videos for any occasion. Animaker allows you to create captivating video animations in a few clicks: its operation is based on Drag & Drop: just drag the elements to create and edit the video. It is possible to create hundreds of different characters and choose from thousands of stock photos and images. You can choose from over 1,000 templates to create your animation.


Creating animations and cartoons has never been easier: Animatron offers a free platform to create animations in HTML5. To get started, you can choose from thousands of free and pre-animated characters, backgrounds and props. Within the platform, you can choose from numerous infographics, icons and animated sets designed to create scenes in the blink of an eye! It is, of course, possible to import, position and edit your graphic contents (photos, audio and video).

Once the work is completed, it will be possible to download it and / or export it in the most popular multimedia formats. It is possible to share your animations and your videos on any social media platform, directly from the editor or from the preview page.


Vyond’s online video animation software allows you to easily create professional animated videos suitable for different fields, such as marketing, sales, education and distance learning. Vyond is an online animation tool. With Vyond Studio, anyone can create animations, from the simplest to the most complex: from GIFs to videos and beyond. You can use Vyond to create animated videos for your business using thousands of props, assets and characters representing hundreds of industries, all fully customizable to your needs.

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Creating professional videos with Vyond is pretty simple – you can create a 1-2 minute professional video in under 4 hours. However, the time may vary depending on your level of experience with the program and the level of customization you want for your video – for quick projects, Vyond provides pre-built templates that streamline the creation process by making it much easier and faster.


Regardless of your skill level or the activity you want to do, creating animations with Powtoon allows you to achieve great results with little effort. With this online tool you can create animated videos using animated characters, models, video backgrounds and soundtracks from the integrated library. Creating video animations with Powtoon does not require design skills or animation techniques, everything is managed by the application within a simple and intuitive interface.


mySimpleshow is an online tool for creating explainer videos (explanatory videos) in the form of animations. It is a tool with which to create – quickly, fun and effectively – video explanations on any topic. Do you have an idea, a project or a new product? Do you want to explain to the world how it works? Do you think the ideal way to communicate is a video but you don’t know where to start? no problem! mySimpleshow is the tool for you: answer the online questionnaire and let us suggest the best template to illustrate your idea. In a short time you will be able to create a beautiful video animation from scratch in which to illustrate your projects.

Make Web Video

make Web Video is a very simple tool with which to create animations. Particularly suitable for beginners, this online application allows you to create animated videos starting from ready-to-use templates. It is sufficient to choose the model that best suits our needs, upload photos, videos and texts via the web interface and choose a music track. At the end of the process, after viewing the preview, you will be able to download the video ready to use. The free version allows you to download the video in low resolution only.

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