Top 7 Drain Cleaning Tools Used By Professional Plumbers

Top 7 Drain Cleaning Tools Used By Professional Plumbers

This post was most recently updated on May 19th, 2023

Professional plumbers in Caroline Springs use various tools during drain cleaning to provide the best results. If you are wondering what are the various tools used by professional plumbers during drain cleaning, this blog is just right for you. In the following blog, we discuss in detail the top seven popular drain-cleaning tools used by professional plumbers.

Drain Cleaning Tools

1. Snake

A snake is a drain cleaning tool that is flexible and long, used by inserting it into the drain to clear blockages. The snake tool is used for smaller clogs. The regular minor sink clogs formed due to hairballs or remnants of food are located in the U-shaped trap of the drainpipe directly below the sink. Such clogs can be easily cleared using a snake tool.

If you are facing a blocked drain in Caroline Spring, you must first remove the hair trap covering your drain and then push the snake into the drain slowly, and turn the handle clockwise. You may face issues while pushing the tool within the pipe if the drain is too clogged. In such cases, you can try to hold the handle with both hands while pushing.

2. Auger

An auger is another drain-cleaning tool and is similar to the snake tool but has a corkscrew-like tip that breaks up stubborn clogs. Plumbers use a standard drain cleaner tool to demolish blockages in pipes, called motorized drain auger or a drain snake. The auger has a flexible and long coil of metal, similar to a corkscrew. One can insert the end of the auger down the drain to unclog it. If you are facing more serious hot water plumbing issues, you must contact a hot water repair plumber in Caroline Springimmediately.

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However, if you wish to manage the clogging yourself, an auger is your next best bet after a plunger for more stubborn clogs. While using the auger, locate the curve end of the auger in the same direction as the drain. An auger helps break up clogs by using various motions within the plumbing drain pipes. Moreover, the spaced coil on the end of the tool is used to insert and pull out a clog so that the process of inserting the auger into the pipe doesn’t push the clog apart within the pipe itself.

3. Drain Kings

The Drain kings tool, also known as hydro-jetters, use high-pressure water jets to clear drains clogs. Professional and experienced plumbers can clear your drain pipes using hydro jetting safely and effectively. Hiring a trained professional for the task not only assists in water and waste flow but also prolongs the longevity of your pipes. It makes your plumbing system more efficient and cuts down on your water bills.

Hydro jetting is more powerful and versatile than snaking for clearing clogs as it not only removes clogs but also diminishes the natural build-up of grease or minerals in the interior lining of any sewer line. However, sewer pipes tend to have cracks or breaks as they get old and hydro jetting on such old drain pipes is not ideal as pressurised water at 4000 PSI could damage them permanently.

4. Plunger

Plunger, the most common drain-cleaning, uses air pressure to clear drain clogs. Plunger helps suck out clogs in sinks, toilets and drains. The rubber cup of the plunger forms a vacuum seal over the opening of the drain or toilet and uses water pressure to remove the blockage. A plunger is thrust in an up-and-down motion over a drain or toilet. After the clog is cleared, the water again flows freely.

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One should be careful while using a plunger as a hard thrust downward as it can break the wax seal between the toilet and the floor, which could further cause a leak. Moreover, a hard thrust could also crack the bowl of the toilet. The proper technique of using a plunger is to place the plunger in the toilet bowl, so that water covers the lips of the plunger, to suck the clog out.

5. Chemicals

A variety of chemical drain cleaners can be used to clear clogs. However, such chemicals are corrosive and could damage drains, therefore, they should be used with caution. Did you know that caustic drain cleaner have sodium hydroxide, also known as lye or caustic soda? Some drain cleaners have potassium hydroxide that transforms grease into soft soap. Some cleaners also contain thioglycolic acid that dissolves hair and clears clogs. Other common ingredients in such drain cleaners include sodium hydroxide, sulfuric acid, or lye.

6.   Air Compressor

Air compressors are used to blow out clogs, located further down the drainpipe and if your sink is clogged, you can use an air compressor to clear the problem. Air compressors plug into a standard 110-volt outlet and use pressure that removes the blockage. One can use a pressure washer along with a sewer jetter attached to it, to unclog drains. Using a pressure washer won’t pressurise drain pipes, but could break apart clog buildup, using high-pressure water.

7. Camera Inspection

Plumbers use camera inspection in conjunction with other drain-cleaning tools. In this process,  they insert a small camera into the drain to identify the cause of the problem and determine the best possible way for removing it. Professional plumbers may take about 30 minutes for an inspection of the plumbing issue, and the exact timeframe could vary depending on the ease of access to the main sewer. It also varies on the fact whether the camera can travel through the plumbing system at a reasonable pace or not.

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The above-mentioned were some of the many drain-cleaning tools that professional plumbers in Caroline Springs use to clear blocked drains. It is crucial to hire professional plumbers to get your gutters cleaned, as they are experienced in using all the latest tools and technology in plumbing. If you are facing regular plumbing issues, you must contact a local plumber to fix the issue immediately.

Plumbing companies also provide emergency plumbers who cater to your plumbing needs urgently to avoid any damage to your property or well-being. So do not wait any longer, and get your faulty plumbing system inspected today!

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