Top 7 opportunities after pursuing a BBA degree

Top 7 opportunities after pursuing a BBA degree
Top 7 opportunities after pursuing a BBA degree
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What are the key roles you will get after pursuing a career in BBA?

Having one such thought striking just before you get ready into getting or already pursuing a BBA course is obvious. So, here it comes!! A bunch of great suggestions for you to consider and options after your BBA course is completed. 

Just a brief about BBA

BBA i.e. Bachelor’s in Business Administration is a good way to follow your passion in the business and management field. A BBA course gives you the keys to doors of learning and implementing vast business domain knowledge, locally as well as globally. But as said, the more the merrier. 

Therefore, additional learning or specialization after graduating in BBA would do more good than harm. Also, there could be other options too like jobs or startups for those who are looking for it immediately after BBA. All in all, a mix of best options after BBA for you are waiting ahead!!

What are the options after BBA except for MBA? 

Now, let’s think differently and not suggest you start with an MBA after BBA today!! It’s too common of a suggestion and quite obvious too, isn’t it? 

Anyone completing a BBA, B.Com, or even B. Tech nowadays can be seen pursuing an MBA. That’s surprising to know but not uncommon to be seen. So, pursuing MBA could either be your first or last option to go for after completing BBA. Anyways that too will be discussing why MBA is important but not now.

For now, have a look at the best 7 ideas that would be great options to pursue after BBA. 

BBA as a degree, since it is an important decision if you wish to be successful in the business and management teams. It is for a reason or more. 

Why choose BBA as a career is a question with an ultimate logical answer. BBA is a professional course designed for theoretical and practical learning of business mindset within a three-year program. It offers vast exposure to grab skills that are necessary to enter the business market globally or locally. Be it BBA (Hons) or BBA IT, there’s no limit to what branch of specialization you choose. The aim remains still the same i.e. learning and specialization.

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Now, what to pursue after BBA is also an important decision to keep before starting to know BBA well. So, here comes the dropdown list for your career opportunities after BBA.

What are the top 7 opportunities after BBA? 

  1. Masters in Finance and Management 

Yes, to be quite obvious, finance would never leave you as a true commerce student and now a BBA graduate. So, why not specialize in the same? 

Finance and Management, and that too after graduation in BBA, paves your way to learn the bigger trends in business like finance and economics, risk management, project handling and so much more. It gives a modest way to develop team skills, personality development, and confidence in being a successful employee. 

Master in Finance Management is a two-year program and ready to flourish your skills in the financial field through good analytical thinking. 

  1. Chartered Accountant – CA/ Company Secretary – CS

Another great way to go ahead post your BBA degree utilization would be getting enrolled in CA/CS. CA i.e. Chartered Accountant and CS i.e. Company Secretary are two look alike profiles with slight differences. Let’s understand each of these in detail. 

Chartered Accountant – Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) is the official hallmark for those interested in pursuing CA as their career choice. Also known as Certified Public Accountant (CPA), the primary role they have is related to but not limited to:- 

i) managing accounting systems, 

ii) preparing financial reports on a monthly basis, 

iii) handling financial processes,

iv) dealing with budget expense reports 

Company Secretary – Company Secretary is responsible for making everyone in alignment with the company’s rules and regulations. The effective administration of a company and handling all regulatory requirements with the associated teams is under supervision of a CS. It is similar to CA in the fact of association with Indian Institute of Chartered Accountants- ICAI too. 

The responsibilities you should know as a CS if choosing to pursue after bba are (but again, are not limited to)– 

i) complying with rules and regulations within businesses,

ii) managing employee benefits like pensions and share schemes,

iii) risk management, 

iv) administration of major company’s tasks.

Thus, a great decision to go with the CA/CS after BBA if you’ve felt that potential within you, to handle the legal and necessary tasks of the country as a whole!!

  1. Degree in Law – LLB
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Ever dreamt of being a respectable law officer, an advocate, a corporate law or any of the law authority? Well, now is the right time to go for it. 

Having completed BBA as graduation, the Scope of LLB holds to be a great decision to pursue a career in law. There are many places where you could work as a law authority, in government bodies, corporate MNC’s, banks and similar official bodies. 

So, go for it!! Being confident enough with handling responsibilities that need legal supervision and seriousness. Get ready to choose LLB as a good career option after bba.   

  1. Entrepreneurs Program

For you having an immense passion for being a problem solver, self-balanced, risk taker, perseverant and all that it takes to be an entrepreneur. You can enroll in a PG Entrepreneurship program  specializing in entrepreneurial skills. 

One great advantage of being an entrepreneur is that you live on your own terms and conditions. All you need to have is a creative mindset, confidence and being an initiative seeker.   

Having one of the best options for master’s after BBA, lead on to be a great entrepreneur and change the world to the way you’ve wanted it to be!! 

  1. Digital Marketing Specialist 

One of those trending and full of scopes in the coming future is specialization in Digital Marketing. There are various short-term and long term courses which help you gain hands-on experience in handling online expertise of how businesses work. 

The modern way of marketing you must/ have come across in bba pursuing also, is in which everything that happens online is automated to be analyzed by tools such as Google Analytics and many more. Just as a local vendor would establish relations with his customers, digital marketers make it possible online. 

Getting to know what online customers need, where they are from, what their purchase behavior is and so much that would keep your business in demand. That’s what makes it so demandable and you can be a part too, after having completed bba!!  

And the good part? The digital marketing courses are available to be studied online, at your own pace. Isn’t it an amazing option as a degree to pursue after bba?

  1. Pg in Data Science 

Data Science is another futuristic field to pursue as a pg option after BBA. It offers a great way to play with unstructured data and reorganize it using analytical skills and tools to utilize it. 

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Surely Data Science is going to be always on the top of recommended courses to pursue after BBA. Reason being enormous data has been coming online increasing the need for such knowledge as in data science in the coming future. 

Many renowned companies like IBM, Google are offering students short term certification in Data Science for enhanced learning and implementation of the skills into real life.

  1. Masters in Business Administration

Coming back to home where it all should have started. MBA is among the most perfect career opportunities after bba if you choose to be on one-line track i.e. into the corporate sector or otherwise. MBA offers you a mix of learning in business, finance, operations, management and advanced specialization after completing bba

All you need to do here is prepare extremely well for the entrance exam especially for MBA after completing BBA i.e. CAT (Common Admission Test). This test paves way for you to various government and private well known universities for imparting MBA learning. 

Look out for the best mba college in indore as you proceed to the end of this page. 

Two other courses that you could choose to pursue from as a choice of interest and passion could be Masters in Hotel Management or in Event Management.

Time for some bonus suggestions- Pursuing options after BBA? 

Here’s something more for you. You could also opt for teaching as a passion if you’ve always felt a deeper sense of passion in this field. For teaching, you might need some Training courses in Teaching or personality development courses to polish your skills to be successful.  

Choosing to explore job opportunities after BBA if you really think it’s high time to have an industrial exposure first. But again, the more specialization you gain, the better profiles for you in the corporate world.

Wrapping up

RIMS i.e. Radiant Institute of Management and Science is one of the best management colleges in Indore known for quality management specializations. RIMS strives to bring out the best out of every student’s skillset.

With competitive record history in placements and infrastructure, RIMS has landed to be one of the best mba colleges in indore and worldwide. Offering a vast arena of learning to students, within under-graduate- / B.Com (Hons), BBA (International) and so on as well as post graduate courses- MBA Duke, M.Com, and so on.

Bringing to your attention the top 7 ideas to pursue after BBA and the best management college in Indore all at one time. Wish you all success in your future endeavors!! 

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