Top 8 Types Of Video In Content Marketing

This post was most recently updated on May 1st, 2022

Before contemplating a budget for audiovisual content, the first thing you need to know is what types of videos work best as part of your content marketing strategy. You must know them so that in this way you can get the most out of them.

Why should you invest in videos?

It is clear that in any content marketing strategy, there are 16 formats. Each format responds to different objectives, and you cannot ignore that videos are a key piece in current digital marketing.

Platforms such as Instagram, now Linkedin, Facebook, and Youtube, among others, value the production of videos.

Video consumption is growing exponentially, and brands cannot ignore that it is a fundamental format in any digital strategy.

What do you achieve with your brand when you produce a video?

Videos are a wonderful format for achieving brand positioning. If you achieve a good video, your brand will show itself as an expert, as authentic, and as a trusted brand. In other words, what Google calls EAT (expertise, authority, and trust)

You must understand that videos are not a source of lead generation (you will achieve this with formats such as webinars, ebooks, guides, lists, among others) as many marketers think.

Video Recipes

The BuzzFeed -owned recipe channel Tasty, very famous for its short videos of the preparation of all kinds of meals, desserts, and smoothies, institutionalized a very dynamic and viral type of video on the Internet.

Its purpose is very aspirational, by getting everyone to believe that they can make the recipes at home. Tasty managed to reach a very wide audience of people, not only lovers and experts of the kitchen, and there was the success of it, from children to the elderly. Everyone can now be a chef.

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Recommended for: brands of food, drinks, desserts, and restaurants with very provocative dishes that want to show the “how it is done” on their menu.

Video Whiteboard: One of the Fascinating Video Types

Painting a story on a blank slate is the goal of this type of format. It is very effective to tell stories, processes, and chronologies. Its creators assure that the success of this format is due to the fact that the vast majority of people learn by watching the teacher write on the blackboard. We cannot verify it, but it is a fact that these types of videos are very viral and entertaining.

Recommended for: telling curious facts, character stories, and production processes, among others.

Video Motion Graphics

The beauty of a motion graphics video is that the graphics are right for your brand and purpose. In these types of videos, drawings or illustrations are used that are very well crafted and intended for the public. However, there are also cartoons and stop motion animations.

Its production is somewhat more complex, although there are online tools (paid) that allow you to select characters and animations. It is ideal for making app download tutorials or all kinds of processes. People are entertained by animations with non-real characters.

Commercial video

If you are one of those who prefer to talk about your brand or company directly and create a commercial video with your portfolio of services or promotions, there are also very creative ideas to do so.

Jeep and BMW are brands that produce their commercial videos with the highest quality, almost cinematographic. They manage to bristle the skin. These types of videos are ideal for promotions, events, launches, etc.

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Video with interviews and/or testimonials

Taking advantage of the interview format, some brands have dabbled in these types of videos. For example, a car brand that interviews celebrities during a launch car tour.

Another water brand that seeks extraordinary stories from people and conducts interviews with the drink as an accompaniment. There are many ideas. The important thing is that the interviewee shines and not the brand.

It works for all kinds of categories, especially for Coffee and drinks in general.

Other Video Types: Web Series

We had already mentioned it in another post. Web series are a bet that brands in Latin America have not yet decided to give, perhaps because their production is a bit more expensive and complex. However, web series allow for closer and long-term ties with customers.

The best example of a brand web series is “Entre panas” from a Colombian beer brand called Poker, in which stories are told around a group of friends and family.

These types of videos as web series can be useful for all types of brands. Their appearance in the series is given more by Product Placement and brand values very well worked in the script.

Event Coverage

If you have an event and you want it to be recorded on video to share on social networks, this option will always be very interesting. But, hey! A coverage video should not belong idle, slow. On the contrary, it should show the highlights of the event, the words of the attendees, the places, etc.

These types of videos are perfect for music events and brand presence at said events.

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Chronicles and documentaries: Other types of wonderful videos

The playGround has a successful case of successful mini-documentaries for the web. In a few minutes, they have told us from the life of Chavela Vargas to the story of the puppies that walk on their feet and are mistreated by their trainers.

Success is in telling a story in less than 1 or 2 minutes, touching the chords of people, and raising awareness of a current issue or historical event. It has served to raise awareness of social problems and damage to the environment.

These types of videos are ideal for publicizing the social part of brands, people’s faces, a political or social ideology, and creating awareness.

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