Top and Best Co-working spaces in Dubai
Top and Best Co-working spaces in Dubai

Top and Best Co-working spaces in Dubai

In today’s fast paced world, many of the trained professionals provide their services to big multinational companies and commerce hubs by working from home. While freelancing is an exciting way of life it can often become somewhat of a tedious task when freelancers lack a good co-working place. These co-working spaces are also an essential requirement for individuals whose work requires them to move from one place to another. Dubai is the up and coming commerce hub and with so many trained professionals across the city it is essential that there are good, spacious and lively co-working spaces. While finding a co-working space is an absolute torment you can refer to the list below to make things easier for you. Next time you need a co-working space this list should help you find one.


This co-working space is designed in a quirky way and is located inside the amazing and quirky TRYP by Wyndham. The lounge is a perfect space to get stuff done. The place is complete with privacy pods and indoor garden areas. This place is the perfect cave for entrepreneurs and specially freelancers who are more inclined towards working in a lace which is a good alternative to working from a noisy and crowed cafe.

What are the costs?
A one day access with limited costs will cost you Dhs 99. For additional perks and 10 days access you will have to book the space for Dhs 899. For unlimited access pay 1,499 a month.

Spa and laundry, services at the hotel valet parking, cheaper rooms, unlimited coffee and snacks, cheaper room rates

Website: nestdubai.co

Nasab by KOA

Nasab is an exclusive member only community co-working space which is also a social club for those who are categorised as Dubai’s most brilliant and interesting game changers and entrepreneurs. While this social setting has an elegant and graceful aesthetic combined with a photography studio, a gym, private working spaces, a library and two big swimming pools, it has the unique quality of making you feel at home. The space is complete with three food and drinks outlets. In addition to the above what sets this place apart is the fact that one must prove their level of interesting-ness in order to be considered for visiting this amazing co-working space.

What about costs?
A nomad may access this place for a time period of 10 days monthly for Dhs 750. You may also visit for Dhs 775 per month if one wishes to attend post peak times. The residents of this place may come and go as they want if they pay a sum of Dhs 1500 per month. A suite package may also be opted for by a group of people for Dhs 2000 per month.

Facilities offered

A social club, food and drink outlets, workshops, regular events, conference and private working spaces, swimming pools etc.

Website: nasabdubai.com


This place is built for entrepreneurs and located in the JLT. The huge Make it happen sign which is featured on the wall as you enter is a motivation for the tonnes of entrepreneurs who love this place. The owners of this space have earlier collaborated with big names such as IBM and Google. The place is complete with restaurants within a hands distance.

What about the costs?
The costs for this place start at Dhs 750 per month for a moonlighter. You can with this get a flexible membership on a monthly basis. Dhs 1, 500 will grant you acess to additional perks with a 24/7 access. Further, Dhs 2500 will give access to five residents 24/7.

Bookable meeting rooms, coding caves and Device labs

Website: astrolabs.com


The founders of Duplays Ravi Bhusari and Derv Rao have created this space called the Noom to enable creating a working space for entrepreneurs who work in the area of sports, firness and wellness. This co-working space is built to make them run their business properly and safely. They also offer a space for collaborative working environment along with commercial licensing.

What are the costs?
Dhs 2500 per month for shared spaces and Dhs 4,450 for private spaces.
Dhs 11,000 for a trade license and the Dhs 499 for company registration

Training areas, community social workshops, studios

Website: duplays.com/book


This place gives access to people who have to work during the daytime in places such as restaurants, cafes and pubs by allowing you to pick from a list of places that they have curated specially to serve your needs.

What about the costs?
A basic plan is for Dhs 175 per week which may extend to Dhs 400 per month to Dhs 1000 per month.

Unlimited beverages such as tea and coffee, meeting rooms at a discounted price

Website: witwork.co

Our Space

This place is created with the idea of creating a holistic space for combining various elements to get serious work done. With features such as a multipurpose hall, and a capacity of 400 people this workspace is complete with wood, vines and green walls to give it in altogether more inviting look. To add, this space is located above a Lamborghini showroom. Several tech start-ups have made success stories here, and regular activities and events take place for offering a learning experience.

What are the costs?

A hot desk package will cost you Dhs 1, 950 per month, and a private space will cost you Dhs 3,249 per month.

IT Support by the space, healthy food, free yoga, massage therapist, award winning Bystro team

Website: ourspace.work

A4 Space

This co-working space is located in the art centric hub of the city of dubai. Called the Alserkal Avenue this cafe is an absolute delight to visit. It prides itself on providing food that is organically produced and brew home-grown raw coffee from a local company. What completes the aesthetic working space is the fact that it is complete with desks and small reading nooks with a variety of books you can choose from.

What about the costs?
The brilliant aspect of this place is that the working space is complete and totally free to use. However, if you want them to keep the place running kindly buy something off the menu, maybe a sandwich or a beverage.

Wi-Fi, Cinema Screening rooms and a community library

Website: alserkalavenue.ae

Dubai with time has fetched a vast entrepreneurial population, and work opportunities are becoming endless for the population. The co-working space are also some of the finest in Dubai due to the booming economy.



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