Top and Best Start-ups in Dubai
Top and Best Start-ups in Dubai

Top and Best Start-ups in Dubai

Today is the age of start-ups and with up and coming business it can be hard to decide the top and best start-ups in Dubai. The city of Dubai has become a mecca for trade and commerce in the recent years and with the advent of the trend of start-ups it can be observed that even more and more start-ups are coming up. To make your research easy, from the plethora of innovation we have compiled a list of top ten start-ups in Dubai to watch out for!

Eat Clean ME

This start-up aims to give you more than 500 choices in and around Dubai to order healthy food online. This is a UAE based start-up and works on the simple formula of ensuring that its users get the most well curated menu to satiate their food cravings. While they ensure you have the best options, they also make sure that the options picked by them are healthy and handpicked by a team of expert nutritionists in order to easily order online. The customers also have the liberty of customizing their search results by selecting a particular preference of food and they shall ensure that you have a long list of restaurants for the same.


This start-up was started with a very noble idea of aiming to promote clean energy neutrality. The founders achieved this by digitising the renewable energy sector by way of block chain technology. This led to better structure and operation of the power industry. This P2P energy exchange platform aims to reduce costs and power consumption by making sure that the energy is decentralised and distributed properly.


This start-up was founded in Bahrain and the year 2016 and is an AI driven search platform which utilizes the internet to provide users and assist them with personalised recommendations and actions which can be monetized. This platform conceptualises a intuitive based search engine which will recommend you activities be it watching movies, searching for food options, outings or music at a click. Make sure you check out their interactive platform now!


This start-up makes use of block chain technology and smart contacts. With the aim of providing a one step solution to all customers who wish to buy, sell, trade or invest in the realm of real estate properties. They make sure of this by crowd sale and an effective and interactive trading platform. On such platforms you may use ethery token or custom tokens to invest into various projects of your choice. They will make sure that they provide you a one step way to invest properties from around the globe.


This start-up was launched in Kuwait in the year 2012. The smart minds who conceptualised this start-up started it when they noticed that it was almost impossible to find a platform where one could sell things efficiently. The problem that many were facing was that online transactions often took a lengthy setup. The wished to simplify this by ensuring that the online service provider would have receive the payment via various modes of acceptance and collection for businesses. This platform in addition also provides one with the option of doing daily tasks like paying bills for telecom services or others in a much more easy and secure manner.


This app is for pay-per-minute car rentals. This start-up was founded in UAE and allows customers to pay as you go for car rentals on a hourly bases. The customers can reserve any car of their choice and requirements on their interactive platform and pre-book the same. The can then pick these cars up from various metro stations within the city to drive for as long as they please. The pay as you feature sets them apart from the rest of the competitors.


This platform is a virtual assistant for the Arabic language for android phones. This platform will ensure that your phone analyses voice commands and understands the Arabic language. This is also done keeping in view various dialects for all consumers. As of the moment the platform is only available for android phones. The voice assistant will recognise various accents as well such as Egyptian as well. Apart from understanding voice commands it also helps one to search for booking services or looking for products. The start-up now aims to go the extra mile and create interfaces to book doctors, order food and book flights.


This start-up is the first of its kind as it is one of the foremost medicine delivery apps in Egypt. This is a consumer friendly pharmacy management platform which helps users to order for medications. This is carried out by their interactive websites and applications. When you do order some medications, the nearest pharmacy will fulfil the order for you. This platform will also allow you to carry out digital pre-approvals from you insures. This is a revolutionising idea and this start-up is the first of its kind.


This platform is aimed at co-working and insuring to create a community across the Dubai. What the primary idea is behind this platform is to ensure community working spaces by collaborating with hotels and restaurants. This will lead to create spaces for users to work anywhere. In fact, one can enjoy services such as unlimited beverages, meeting rooms access, access to community events and so forth by choosing a monthly, weekly or daily package. This start-up is located in Downtown, D3, Deira, DIFC, Marina and many more places.

Amal Glass

This start-up uses artificial intelligence to combine services for the visually impaired in one single platform. This is an easy to use interactive platform which is easy to use and offers a bucket load of services at an affordable cost. This platform is a boon for those who are visually impaired and it combines with the feature of updating stores in smart devices. This start-up was created with the view of making an interactive platform for the visually impaired.

Right from automobile to healthcare, Dubai has been working hard to bring its ecosystem as one of the finest start-up breeding grounds in the world. It is prudent to comprehend that right now is the best time to begin a business and become one of the top start-ups in Dubai. Dubai is considered to be the land of immense opportunities and it’s no different for the start-up ecosystem. With no shortage od capital and advanced technology, Dubai has been developing as the major filed to breed the finest top tech start-ups.



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