Top Benefits of Water Aerobics

Top Benefits of Water Aerobics
Top Benefits of Water Aerobics
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Water aerobics, or aqua aerobics, is becoming popular these days. Maybe it’s the hot weather or that being in the water is more fun than sweating in the gym. Water aerobics is ideal if you want to get fit but dread going to the gym to lift weights. Donning your swim set to swim or performing other exercises underwater is impeccable for people of all ages. 

Also, it is perfect for people who don’t want to strain their joints or muscles too much but still want to exercise. For instance, older people and anyone with chronic pain will find water aerobics therapeutic and enjoyable. 

Looking for more reasons to join a water aerobics class? Read the reasons listed below.

It helps build strength.

Water aerobics is a kind of strength training exercise. When working out in the water, you work against the resistance of the water. So, when you cup or kick in the water, you are working towards developing muscles. 

So, if you want to build muscles and lose fat, water aerobics is something you need to consider.

It is low impact

Water aerobics is low impact, which is perfect for many people. For instance, women with hormonal issues should do low-impact workouts. Doing water aerobics will help them lose fat without stressing out their bodies mentally or physically. 

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Even older people or people with osteoporosis or joint pain find water aerobics light on their joints. The buoyancy of water provides support for the body’s weight. Thus, it reduces the impact on joints, leading to no or little pain after the workout.

It helps lower blood pressure.

Aqua aerobics allows for more effective blood flow circulation throughout your whole body. Thus, it decreases blood pressure and puts less stress on the body. People with chronic high blood pressure can find relief if they are consistent with water aerobics.

It helps build a community.

Older people find it challenging to get out and socialize. But with water aerobics, they can build a community where they find like-minded people. A water aerobic class has multiple people, but most are in their 70s. 

So it is perfect for anyone in the older group to get out and make friends. Working out in a friend’s group is always fun, and the results are better. Also, knowing people and socializing are necessary for your overall health.

It can relieve stress and reduce anxiety.

People with anxiety and chronic stress often feel a bit better after a hot or cold shower. Isn’t it? It happens because watching the water in motion is a soothing activity. It relieves stress. It’s the main reason why beach gateways are famous. 

Even studies show the positive effects of water exercises on anxiety, stress, and mood. So, if you suffer from anxiety, aquatic workouts are for you.

It is a full workout and helps burn calories.

If you wish to burn calories and lose weight, try water aerobics. It is a combination of cardio and strength workouts with water resistance mixed in. Thus, depending on your workout routine, you can burn up to 400–500 calories. 

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Yes, if you use dumbbells in water or other tools, you can achieve this. If you only swim, then you also burn up to 300 calories.

It helps with injury recovery.

Chronic pain and acute injury are both painful. One way to manage chronic pain and recover from acute injuries is to perform workouts in the water. When you are in the water, your body weight is considerably lower. 

So, the chances of injuring yourself when working out are low. Also, when submerged, you gain strength in your injured area. Thus, people with knee, back, or hip injuries prefer water workouts to recover.

Perfect for hot weather

Working out overheats your body, especially in hot weather. If you are someone who finds this discomforting, indulge in water aerobics. It will allow you to cool down and perform the best workout.

Water aerobics has multiple benefits, like its low impact, ease on the joints, and enjoyment. The last one matters a lot because you will not be consistent if you don’t enjoy a workout. Therefore, to lose weight and be healthy, being consistent is highly essential.

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