Top Features & Societies of Blue World City Islamabad

Top Features & Societies of Blue World City Islamabad
Top Features & Societies of Blue World City Islamabad
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Housing Societies in Blue World City Islamabad

  1. General Block

The first section of the Blue World City Islamabad that is regarded as being substantially developed is the General Block, and possession has also been proclaimed in this area of the housing project. This area of the housing society is also accessible, although reservations for the General block BWC are now closed.

  1. Sports Valley

Another housing neighborhood that offers investors the option to take part in a successful real estate investment in Rawalpindi is Sports Valley in Blue World City. You may spend as little as PKR 150,000 on this house project and get the best profits soon.

  1. Overseas Block

In order to give overseas Pakistanis and foreign investors the opportunity to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle that is based on the fulfillment of all premium standards followed internationally in Pakistan, the Overseas block in Blue World City is a special section of the housing society that is being developed.

  1. Awami Block

The Awami Block in Blue World City is a unique area of the housing community that was created particularly to give investors a reasonable investment alternative. In this area of the community, you may invest in 3.5 Marla and 4.5 Marla plots at incredibly low costs, with profits or returns assured.

  1. Waterfront Block

A one-of-a-kind masterpiece, The Waterfront Block of Blue World City Islamabad will provide you with an unrivaled opulent lifestyle. This housing development is a delight to learn about because it has all the most modern facilities in addition to lovely waterparks that will increase the project’s tourism potential.

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Tourism Features of Blue World City

Blue World City
  1. Burj Al Arab in Blue World City Islamabad

At the Blue World General Block, a replica of the Burj Al Arab is almost finished, and it has an amazing design. With the prospective motto “Bringing Dubai to Pakistan,” it is predicted that it would rank among the top tourist attractions and commercial centers in Islamabad.

  1. Water Theme Park in Islamabad’s Blue World City

The Blue World City Water Theme Park is undoubtedly a massive undertaking with some of the most magnificent tourist attractions. Among the region’s most famous tourist attractions, including this water park, Blue World, is on its way to becoming a tourist destination that respects the environment.

  1. Sports Facilities for Children and Athletes

After Shahid Afridi’s recent visit to Blue World City, the community has pledged to construct sports stadiums or provide children the opportunity to demonstrate their ability. Some of the top tools and trainers from Pakistan will be used in the stadiums and coaching institutes.

  1. Blue World Housing Society has a replica of the Blue Masjid.

The Blue Masjid Replica in Turkey is undoubtedly the greatest feature of BWC since it may provide tourists with a sense of architecture that precedes Islamic culture and civilization, particularly that of the Ottoman Empire. For this reason, investing in Blue World City Islamabad is a wise move.

  1. Forces Cadet College in Islamabad’s Blue World City

The new Forces Cadet College of Blue World City Islamabad has been developed and constructed by Blue World developers, and admissions are now available to all inhabitants of the housing society or other pupils who live nearby. This project is a cutting-edge institution with all amenities readily accessible at all times for students to flourish in their vocations. It was created in conjunction with the military.

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This initiative is also seen as a significant improvement to the nation’s educational system with significant implications for Pakistan’s educational system. Teaching will take place in a positive environment with qualified local and international staff.

Payment Plan of Blue World City

Just a 10% down payment is required to book your plan and begin the payment plan following confirmation with the Blue World City installment plan and payment plans, which are very flexible. You may quickly review all of Blue World City’s payment options by clicking on the attachments below.

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