Top Inventions that have made the lives of the elderly easier

As technology progresses in our everyday life, it has made almost everything easy to use and operate. Older adults are among those who have benefited due to the booming of technology in the past years. This regular use of technology and being user-friendly with all the gadgets used in everyday life has led to the enhancement of cognitive and memory skills of the elderly. However, these items that play an integral role in making things more convenient in day-to-day life don’t come cheap and are too expensive, complicated, or still in the testing phase.

But as technology advances, it will lead to new and enhanced gadgets that will contribute to making the life of the elderly easier and easier—also making them self-sufficient to live on their own. We are all heading towards an aging society, so to ensure that technology helps us stay put and not become a liability, it is very important to support the inventions made with a step towards better living standards.

Here are some of the top inventions that have made the lives of the elderly relatively simpler and more convenient:


As adults, most people are fond of reading at this stage of their life. Reading books, novels, and pieces of literature covers a major part of the day that older people love to spend time in. But as age strikes, the visibility of the eyes starts to diminish, and the eyesight becomes weaker day by day. E-readers are a great way to tackle this problem and continue reading passion. From Kindle to iPad, you can find all kinds of devices with built-in features to increase the font size or change the aspect ratio or contrast as per the requirement and convenience.

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Taking Care Anywhere Personal Alarm

To be honest, keeping older people, or precisely our aged parents, safe is a rough job. It takes twists and turns at every stage. But keeping the elderly safe is a necessity. Likely, they may only be willing to share some things with you. Some gadgets would talk back to them and make them feel better. They can wear it as an ornament, which can also be a warning alarm for their elder parents or older people. It is our responsibility towards our elders to help them live better in this phase of their lives.


Teaching elders to video call on a smartphone can be an inevitable disaster. The reason behind this is that the interface of a smartphone is too complicated and overwhelming, making it extremely difficult for them to cope with. So here is a great product that your parents can use to make video calls. This video phone offers one-touch call-and-answer features that highlight this invention. Now your parents can easily pick up video calls without facing any further issues. It also serves as a hearing-impaired phone.

Dementia Day Clock

Dementia is a kind of imparity that is frequently seen among adults. In simple words, an older person with Dementia loses track of time in the day. So important tasks such as medication can be impacted if older people lose track of time. This Dementia day clock will ensure that elders never forget the time as it will spell it to them out loud, clearing all kinds of time-related confusion. In addition, it will give them clarity on what time frame it is. 

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Robots with helper people

Living in the 20th century and not being familiar with artificial intelligence is impossible. Robots are the ideal attendant for older people as they are fast and reliable. These robots can also keep you updated from thousands of miles away. They have an inbuilt video feed feature that enables constant recording so that you can monitor your loved ones regularly. For example, if an elderly person drops something, these robots can be deployed to pick it up. Also, if older people can’t keep track of their medication, the robots can give them medicines at the correct time without delay. But these are way too expensive. These kinds of advanced inventions are still under beta testing.


Elders are an integral part of our society. There are many expensive and affordable products in the market that one could consider betting on to make things more convenient for the elderly. Like motion sensor devices, Hearing Impaired Phones, automatic tin openers, and smart shower systems. These were just a glimpse of innovations to make the everyday life of older adults easier. Research has shown that most of the more senior people are relying on technology to make their days better and easier.

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