Top 10 successful Charity and Philanthropy startups in the UK

Top 10 successful Charity and Philanthropy startups in the UK
Top 10 successful Charity and Philanthropy startups in the UK
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Charity and philanthropy startups in the United Kingdom are at the forefront of driving positive social change and making a meaningful impact on various causes. These innovative companies leverage technology and creative solutions to connect donors, volunteers, and beneficiaries, facilitating more effective and transparent charitable efforts. From fundraising platforms to social enterprises with a philanthropic mission, these startups have achieved remarkable milestones in the realm of giving back.

1.   JustGiving

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  •  Overview: JustGiving is a popular online fundraising platform that enables individuals and organizations to create campaigns and raise funds for charitable causes. It provides a seamless way for people to support the causes they care about.
  •  Achievements:   JustGiving has facilitated billions of pounds in charitable donations and has a vast user base.
  • CEO:   Jerry Needel.
  • Origin:   Founded in London, UK.
  • Website:   [just giving. com](

2.   Benevity

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  • Overview:   Benevity is a corporate social responsibility (CSR) and employee engagement platform that connects companies, employees, and nonprofits to drive positive social impact. It simplifies workplace giving and volunteering programs.
  • Achievements:   Benevity collaborates with numerous Fortune 1000 companies, making a significant impact on charitable giving and employee engagement.
  • CEO:   Bryan de Lottinville.
  • Origin:   Founded in Calgary, Canada, with a presence in London, UK.
  • Website:   [benevity. com](

3.   CharityCheckout

  • Overview:   CharityCheckout provides digital fundraising solutions to charities and nonprofits. They offer online donation and event registration tools, making it easier for organizations to collect funds.
  • Achievements:   CharityCheckout supports thousands of charities in raising funds online.
  • CEO:   Chester Mojay-Sinclare.
  • Origin:   Founded in London, UK.
  • Website:   [](
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4.   GoodBox 

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  • Overview:   GoodBox creates contactless donation solutions for charities and nonprofits. Their devices enable quick and secure donations, both online and in person.
  • Achievements:   GoodBox has revolutionized fundraising methods by introducing contactless technology to charitable giving.
  • CEO:   Francesca Hodgson.
  • Origin:   Founded in London, UK.
  • Website:   [goodbox. com](


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  • Overview:   Beam is a social enterprise that focuses on homelessness. It connects donors with homeless individuals, allowing them to fund training programs and support services to rebuild their lives.
  • Achievements:   Beam has empowered homeless individuals to gain skills and employment, reducing homelessness in the UK.
  • CEO:   Alex Stephany.
  • Origin:   Founded in London, UK.
  • Website: [beam. org](
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  • Overview:   Neighbourly is a community investment platform that connects businesses with local charitable projects and initiatives. It enables companies to support their communities more effectively.
  • Achievements:   Neighbourly has facilitated millions of pounds in charitable donations to local causes.
  • CEO:   Steve Butterworth.
  • Origin:   Founded in Bristol, UK.
  • Website:   [neighborly. com](

7.   ECHO

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  • Overview: The Echo is a digital pharmacy that donates a portion of its profits to charitable causes. Users can manage their prescriptions while supporting charity.
  • Achievements:   Echo’s innovative model combines healthcare services with philanthropy.
  • CEO:   Roger Hassan.
  • Origin:   Founded in London, UK.
  • Website:   [](


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  • Overview:   The Big Give is a charitable platform that enables donors to double their donations through matched funding. It hosts fundraising campaigns and connects donors with causes they care about.
  • Achievements:   The Big Give has raised millions of pounds for charities and supported numerous impactful projects.
  • CEO:   Alexander Theodorou.
  • Origin:   Founded in London, UK.
  • Website:   [](


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  • Overview:   GiveOut is a charitable foundation that supports LGBTQI+ causes globally. It provides a platform for donors to contribute to projects that advance LGBTQI+ rights.
  • Achievements:   GiveOut has funded numerous initiatives promoting LGBTQI+ equality and inclusion.
  • CEO:   Rupert Abbott.
  • Origin:   Founded in London, UK.
  • Website:   [giveout. org](


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  • Overview:   GoodGym combines fitness and social good by encouraging people to run, walk, or cycle to do good deeds for their communities. Participants support older people and community projects.
  • Achievements:   GoodGym has grown into a nationwide movement, with thousands of members supporting their communities.
  • CEO:   Ivo Gormley.
  • Origin:   Founded in London, UK.
  • Website:   [goodgym. org](

These Charity and Philanthropy startups in the UK have made significant strides in facilitating charitable giving, supporting social causes, and connecting people with opportunities to make a positive impact. Their achievements reflect their commitment to fostering a culture of giving and making the world a better place.

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1.   What is the role of Charity and Philanthropy startups? 

   Charity and Philanthropy startups leverage technology and innovative solutions to facilitate charitable giving, connect donors with causes, and streamline the impact of social initiatives.

2.   How can I donate to charitable causes through these startups? 

   You can typically donate to charitable causes through these startups’ online platforms or apps. They provide user-friendly interfaces for making donations, supporting fundraising campaigns, and contributing to various social causes.

3.   What is matched funding, as offered by The Big Give? 

   Matched funding is a mechanism where donors’ contributions are matched or multiplied by other donors or organizations. The Big Give hosts campaigns where philanthropists and businesses provide matching funds to encourage more substantial donations to specific causes.

4.   How does Beam help combat homelessness? 

   Beam empowers homeless individuals by providing them with the means to access training and employment opportunities. Donors can fund these programs, helping homeless individuals gain skills and secure stable employment, ultimately reducing homelessness.

5.   What is the focus of GiveOut’s charitable foundation? 

   GiveOut primarily supports LGBTQI+ causes globally. It provides funding to initiatives and projects that advance LGBTQI+ rights, equality, and inclusion.

6.   How does GoodGym combine fitness and social good? 

   GoodGym encourages individuals to incorporate social good into their fitness routines. Participants can run, walk, or cycle to support older people and community projects, combining exercise with acts of kindness.

7.   Can businesses get involved with Neighbourly’s community investment platform? 

   Yes, Neighbourly’s platform is designed to connect businesses with local charitable projects. Companies can support their communities by funding projects that align with their corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals.

8.   How does Echo’s digital pharmacy contribute to charity? 

   Echo donates a portion of its profits to charitable causes. Users can manage their prescriptions through Echo’s platform, and by using the service, they indirectly support these charitable contributions.

9.   What is the primary function of CharityCheckout’s digital fundraising solutions? 

   CharityCheckout provides charities and nonprofits with digital tools for fundraising, including online donation and event registration solutions. These tools simplify the process of collecting funds and managing donations.

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10.   How can individuals and companies get involved with Benevity’s CSR platform? 

    Benevity’s platform is used by companies to engage their employees in charitable giving and volunteering. Individuals and employees can participate in workplace giving and volunteer programs offered by partner companies.

These Charity and Philanthropy startups offer diverse ways for individuals, businesses, and communities to support charitable causes, foster positive social change, and make a meaningful impact in the UK and beyond. Whether it’s fundraising, volunteering, or promoting social inclusion, these startups continue to inspire a culture of giving and compassion.


The landscape of Charity and Philanthropy startups in the UK is vibrant and dynamic. These innovative companies have harnessed the power of technology and creative solutions to connect individuals, businesses, and communities with meaningful charitable causes. Through their platforms and initiatives, they have not only made charitable giving more accessible but also fostered a culture of social responsibility and positive change.

JustGiving has revolutionized online fundraising, enabling countless individuals and organizations to support causes close to their hearts. Benevity has redefined corporate social responsibility, engaging companies and employees in impactful philanthropic endeavors. CharityCheckout has simplified fundraising for charities and nonprofits, while GoodBox has brought contactless donation technology to the charitable sector.

Startups like Beam and GiveOut tackle critical social issues such as homelessness and LGBTQI+ rights, respectively, empowering individuals to create lasting change. Neighbourly connects businesses with local charitable projects, making a difference in communities across the UK. Echo combines healthcare services with philanthropy, demonstrating the potential for innovative models in charitable giving.

The Big Give’s matched funding campaigns amplify the impact of charitable donations, while GoodGym encourages fitness enthusiasts to incorporate acts of kindness into their routines. These startups reflect the spirit of generosity and the desire to make the world a better place, one donation, one volunteer hour, and one act of kindness at a time.

As they continue to evolve and expand their reach, these Charity and Philanthropy startups serve as beacons of hope, facilitating positive social change and inspiring individuals and businesses to contribute to the greater good. Their achievements are a testament to the enduring human spirit of compassion and the potential for innovation to drive meaningful impact.

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