Top tips for organizing a staycation

The craziness of our world is wearisome, the working time occupies the biggest part of our time, leaving just a few hours to take a breather and start all over again. If you stay on such a schedule for long, burnout and depression will become regular guests. In order to keep the work-life balance you need to organize time off. Ideally, it’s a vacation, however, it isn’t as regular as we want. Therefore, the best solution is a staycation – a holiday spent in the home country rather than abroad, which can involve local one-day trips to the nearest places of interest.

Staycation is a time to unwind without breaking the bank, with numerous positive ‘side effects”:

  1. Flexibility – a regular vacation is always prearranged in advance, with the flights and accommodation being booked. Staycation is organized any time you want, even every weekend if you want. It doesn’t make you attached to the specific days and leaves plenty of room for maneuvers.
  2. Minimum packing – there is no need for numerous bags, or lists of things to pack – just the essentials for a day or two. Such lightness in preparation makes the whole experience even more pleasing.
  3. Money-saving – staycation is a wise decision if you are desperate for some peace and quiet, yet the budget is limited. Instead of a plane ticket, local trains will take you anywhere you need.
  4. Improved local orientation – oftentimes, we know nothing about the place where we live, just some shallow knowledge. With the help of day trips, you get to know the surrounding better and discover the wonders of your native city.
  5. Minimum transportation – there is no need to spend hours getting somewhere, as everything is within easy reach.
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What are the best forms of a staycation?

1.   Day trips or Radial tours

Radial tours include watching the surroundings and regions of the place, every time getting back to the starting point. That’s a good principle to use when organizing native land discovery.

Instead of traveling thousands of kilometers away from home, explore the neighborhoods. Typically we are unaware of everything that is close to us, as it is not as advertised. However, there are numerous sights, museums, parks, squares, zoos, nature reserves, etc.

Day tours are truly awesome, as they help to fill the days with life. Sometimes one day out equals a few ordinary months in emotional equivalent.

2.   Read a book

You may have heard of nice0sounding books, and maybe even googled them, yet there were always more important things to do. Well, when you need a break, put your phone aside, better even turn it off, download the book you had the intention to read and dedicate some time to one of the oldest hobbies in the world – reading.

You can read a paper version, and recall the old days; or you can order an e-book from reliable sources like Alimart, Amazon, or other online markets, download and read the books you want, and then just erase them.

3.   Attend the workshops

Handcraft, cooking, dance, sports classes – there are numerous ways of spending your free time. Each of them offers a new experience, and a chance to distract from the daily routine, not to mention the new things you are going to learn or create.

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If you have no desire to go outside, sign up for the online workshops and enjoy the same experience without leaving your home.

4.   Organize a movie marathon

Movie fans will take advantage of this idea, as there is probably a list of movies to watch, with a constant lack of time. So cook some popcorn, buy some ice cream, settle into your favorite chair and catch up on everything you have missed in a month or more. If there’s a chance to watch everything on a big screen – do it. It will complement the whole movie-watching experience.

5.   A long lie-in

People whose job is connected to active physical work, want nothing but some motionless rest, without always rushing somewhere. Instead, it’s just nice to stay at home, wake up any time you want and stay in bed, enjoy the daylight in your bedroom, drink a cup of tea or coffee and just listen to some music, or get engaged in any preferable passive activity.

Having a staycation is beneficial in many ways for everyone. It’s a great chance to break free from the routine, unwind and make your days notable. How many times did you stop thinking “life is too quick”? How many days can you recall from the previous 6 months? If there’s nothing to come up with, you need to organize staycations and fill your days with life, not just count the days till yet another Friday.

Our life consists of memories, make sure you use even the tiniest chance to create them using every opportunity you are given.

Praveen Saraswat
Praveen was born in India. He began writing in 2018, he lives in Agara. He has contributed lots of articles to Scoopearth and another website and the first time he published an article at Scoopearth