Tourism: leaving without knowing its destination

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Would you be willing to go on a “blind” journey? Elaborated as a game of track, the concept of the mystery journey takes off in France. The cap on the Philippines, Porto, Angers … The experience puts both in a state of excitement and deep relaxation.

A journey to an unknown destination

Fifteen days before his honeymoon to a destination kept secret by the agency Cap mystery, Sébastien, 29, spoke about Africa. Some clues sent by the tour operator on his Smartphone were eloquent: a lion, a tree “baobab type” and a map with a pointer on Mauritania. But so much evidence is necessarily suspect! Even if, behind the scenes, his sister had validated the program concocted on the basis of a questionnaire (budget, desired comfort, favorite themes, inconvenience, good and bad memories of travel …). “With my wife, we felt lost. We were both afraid and confident, “he remembers. The scenario raises suspense. Everyone plays detectives, but no one really wants to guess the riddle. A final mail a week before take-off contains an envelope to be unsealed at the airport. “Not very reckless, it was opened the night before. When I found out that we were going to the Philippines, I was taken aback. Neither sad nor exploded with joy, I said to myself: “Ah? OK. “I checked on a map where this country was located. I had almost forgotten that the Philippines existed, “admits Sébastien.

The insecurity of a blind drive

At a time when the tourist seems worried about his safety, these forms of blind travel are developing, and give back the taste of adventure in a recreative and reassuring way. Hotel top secret, a getaway for a day full of surprises,  city break packaged or a tailor-made stay organized in cat mini: designed by professionals, these offers bounce on the success of treasure hunts and fantasy  Rendez-vous en Terre Inconnue, TV show by Frédéric Lopez. “We first tested his idea on a personal basis. One organized, the other followed without knowing where he was going, says Arnaud Huillin, founder, with Nathalie Lafay, of the agency Cap Mystery. Of course, our proposal is very far away, but it has the capacity to trust. ”

Exploring its limits by being guided

And after apprehension comes jubilation. “Every night, when we opened our envelope revealing the schedule for the following day, my husband and I were like excited kids,” recalls Astrid, 45, delighted to have landed in Porto. “This form of travel, which passes through astonishment, joy or disappointment, explores its own limits,” analyzes the psychosociologist and coach Christine Marsan. Our society is experiencing a phase of “adulation”. Adults practice “trial-error” such as teenagers. They allow experimentation outside the formatted framework and play to scare themselves at the risk of getting hurt while bathing in a secure environment. ”

To reveal oneself in uncertainty

“To reserve a surprise stay gives the feeling of being its own guest”, also notes Corentin Thumerelle, co-founder of Emoovio, another pioneering agency in France on this niche. Costly or not, the trip is indeed lived as a gift at each meeting with the hosts or local guides put in the confidence. A new self-image reveals itself through the eyes of the mystery agent who planned the activities. “Knowing that a person has everything planned for you is exhilarating. And it allows to surpass itself. My husband, who hates to walk, took pleasure in a five-hour hike in the Alquézar, Spain, “relates Celine, 41, who also met in Anger during a mystery weekend with a friend.

The head is emptied, the senses awaken

Get up at 5 o’clock to watch the dolphins, go to the opera, get a massage in a corner of paradise, learn to cook locally … Leaning on the ideas of the organizer allows you to leave your comfort zone. A non-choice both stimulating and restful. “For once, it feels good to let go. One must always control everything in life. There, we relax mentally and physically. We follow the movement with pleasure, “testifies Astrid. Leaving without preparing his trip avoids cogitations (what to do, what to see?), References, the impressions of déjà-vu (in photo), as well as frustrations, reproaches and other tensions. “When it is less mobilized by cognitive representations, the brain activates the sensory zones,” says Christine Marsan. These formulas can be a way to practice full presence, as they oblige not to live in the time after. Provided you do not expect too much of a surprise.






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