Transaction Coordinator: The Hidden Force In Real Estate

Transaction Coordinator
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When we hear the term real estate worker, what immediately comes to mind are brokers, agents and property managers.

After all, they are at the front of every transaction.

What most are not aware of, is the silent manpower behind all these successful real estate agencies who help agents and managers tremendously with keeping up with their clients.

The person behind this is referred to as a transaction coordinator– or most commonly known as TC.

Now you may be thinking, what exactly does a TC do?

Well, in the world of real estate, they are the extra set of hands working to make sure that every client and paperwork is sorted.

In this article, we’re going to dive deep into what they do and why they are needed and how a TC from an agency like Close Concierge can make all the difference in every real estate transaction.

Who Is A Transaction Coordinator?

Transaction coordinators in the real estate world are individuals who are tasked with handling administrative projects on behalf of a real estate agent or firm.

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This means that their work begins once the purchase agreement is executed until such time that the deal is closed.

They can take over all buyer and seller transaction details and see to it that every paperwork is completed in due time.

From coordinating escrows to managing loans and appraisals, these tedious tasks can be put on their desks while a real estate agent like you focuses on client relations.

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They will make life so much easier for you and they do so in a very orderly way to help you stay organized at work.

Why Is A Transaction Coordinator Essential In Real Estate Business

Do you know that real estate agents with transaction coordinators close more deals than those without?

It’s not surprising, given how efficient work becomes when you’ve got additional help on your end.

An excellent transaction coordinator can be a gamechanger for your real estate business.

Not only do you have an extra set of hands and eyes, but you also have a person who shares the same goals as you and that is to close a deal as seamlessly as possible.

With the help of a TC, you can run your office better– in a more efficient and systematic manner.

Having a dedicated person running the administrative side of your business will allow you to focus on more pressing things that only you can take care of- like meeting prospective buyers and nurturing relationships with them.

Having too many things on your plate can take away time that should be spent on more important tasks- and this is exactly why you should consider hiring a transaction coordinator from agencies like Close Concierge.

Let a transaction coordinator handle tasks that you can delegate. A good example of such tasks is closing transactions and administrative duties.

Taking these off your plate can help you become more productive and focused on what you do best and that is selling properties.

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