Transformation and Growth – the Symbol of the Lotus Flower

Lotus Flower
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There are times in life when a symbol for all that we have experienced can speak more to us than a thousand words.

This, of course, is our specialty. Creating jewellery to mark the most important moments. Symbols for the most important stories of our lives. 

The Lotus flower, for generations of people around the world, has been one such symbol. But why has it proved so powerful a symbol for so many, and what might it mean to you?

Rebirth and Regeneration

The Lotus flower, native to Southeast Asia and Australia, is an extraordinary bloom. If you approached the home of the lotus flower at night you might not even know that it was there. Every single night the lotus flower, in all is beauty, is submerged under the waters of its muddy home.

The perfect, pristine flower is covered in the mud and dirt of the river in which it grows only to emerge again the following morning, perfectly pristine and pure. Scientifically this is down to a waxy covering that protects the petals of the flower which allows it to emerge each morning untouched from the mud. 

Spiritually, this amazing sight has inspired generations of people on their own spiritual journeys. It has become a symbol of rebirth. A symbol of a new start in life, whatever challenges have come your way.

The Power to Overcome

The daily rebirth of the lotus flower has inspired many in their own experiences of overcoming the challenges of life. It also quickly became a powerful symbol in Eastern religion.

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In Hinduism, the lotus flower is a symbol of overcoming adversity. While in Buddhism, the lotus flower acts as a reminder that everyone, no matter what their circumstances, has the potential to go beyond their circumstances, to find spiritual insight and even to reach enlightenment.

Buddha, in fact, is often depicted as sitting atop a lotus flower and it is even said that Buddha’s first steps on earth left a trail of lotus flowers behind him! 

For many the lotus flower has become an important symbol of the possibility of rebirth and regeneration. And simply the promise to us all of starting again.

A Symbol for Life

For all of us there are moments in life of challenge and difficulty. Perhaps even moments when we feel like we are submerged under the mud for a while. 

If you, or someone you love, has been through their own period of adversity then perhaps the Lotus flower can act as a symbol for them too. Just as it has for generations who have gone before us. 

A symbol of the possibility of rebirth. A symbol of starting again. And most powerfully, perhaps, a symbol of the resilience of the human spirit to emerge from the darkness more beautiful than it was before. 

Our Lotus Flower Ring is the perfect way to carry the lotus flower, and all it stands for, with you. Wherever you go and whatever you go through.

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Praveen Saraswat
Praveen was born in India. He began writing in 2018, he lives in Agara. He has contributed lots of articles to Scoopearth and another website and the first time he published an article at Scoopearth