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What is Trimsher?

Shaving also always implies the presence of a functional device that does a good job. Thanks to a good razor, you always have a smooth skin. However, not always all devices on the market also perform exactly what is required of them. Many tear at the hair, which not only gives poor results, but also causes pain at the same time. Other devices, on the other hand, are not properly functional, the shave is messy and leaves traces. Most devices can also not really be taken on the road. Therefore, we have today once the Trimsher under the magnifying glass taken. This is a razor that has quality and that you can easily take with you on the road. The results are, according to the manufacturer, can be seen. Therefore, we would like to introduce the device in detail and explain what features it has. For this, we’ll answer various questions so that you can get a better picture of it. (Because of the extensive research, the author has taken the liberty of using affiliate links. This means that he will receive a small commission when selling the product without changing the price).

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The manufacturer puts the following features of the Trimsher in the foreground:

  • A professional cut is guaranteed.
  • You can work precisely with the hair clipper.
  • All accessories are included in the scope of delivery.
  • It has a pocket size, which makes it easier to take with you.
  • The battery has a long life, with which you can work for 120 minutes.
  • Operation is practically self-explanatory and requires no special know-how.
  • 5 watts for maximum blade speed
  • Charged within three hours
  • Voltage between 110 and 240 volts
  • Runs up to 120 minutes at a time
  • Cable length of 57 centimeters
  • Dimensions: 14.3 x 3.9 x 2.4 cm
  • Integrated LED display for checking the charging status

As you can see, the Trimsher has all the requirements that you can expect from a good hair clipper. A clean shave is guaranteed, you can take it with you and it also has a very long battery life, so you do not have to charge it constantly. Below we summarize all the information about the Trimsher for you. You can find more information and a discounted price here on the product website!

Why do I need this hair clipper?

In principle, many people benefit from the Trimsher. Although it is primarily aimed at men, but nowhere is written that women can not also make use of it. It provides a clean shave, without significant irritation and is therefore suitable for young and old alike. Those who have already tried another razor, but have not been satisfied with it, can also have something positive from the Trimsher. Overall, it delivers all the features that are suitable for any age group and gender. It is definitely an alternative to the ordinary razor. Therefore, we clearly recommend just trying it out. Everyone should convince themselves of its features. A clean shave is guaranteed, according to the manufacturer. Even those who have not tried an electric hair clipper before will have a good experience with it. Due to its uncomplicated and simple handling, no problem is pre-programmed here.

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Trimsher rating and recommendation

Overall, we would very much like to recommend the Trimsher. Because we believe that it is a good alternative option to ordinary devices on the market. The hair clippergives you a clean shave and is extremely easy to use. Therefore, many users accept it very gladly and so it also passed in our test all along the line. With its technical features and compact design, it is also an ideal companion when traveling, which you no longer want to do without. By the way, it is not only useful for shaving the beard, but also offers good results on the head, if you want to use it for that. The Trimsher is versatile and performs a precise result that can really be seen. Therefore, we give it a good rating and recommend everyone to check out its capabilities for themselves. Visit this product website to see more customer reviews!

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Trimsher technical facts

As for the technical characteristics, a few things can be summarized about the Trimsher. According to the manufacturer on its website, the quality shaver is equipped with the following technical features:

With these features, the Trimsher is best suited for shaving the face, as well as other areas. It shaves the hair down to zero centimeters. It does not even require any special technical know-how. Therefore, it can be well recommended.

What are the Trimsher quality features?

Of course, we also wanted to convince ourselves of the properties of the Trimsher and have checked the quality of the razor. For this purpose, we first ordered the Trimsher and also received relatively quickly. The ordering process was very uncomplicated. When we could then hold it in our hands, we were convinced by its workmanship, which looked very good. Accordingly, we tried it out afterwards. First, we charged it, which is quite easy via the included cable. The Trimsher is actually self-explanatory in terms of its operation, so no special explanation was needed here. However, we read the user manual before using it for the first time. This also lists how to clean it correctly, so that good cutting performance is always guaranteed.

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When we tried it out, we then found out that the manufacturer did not promise too much. The hair clipper really goes down to zero millimeters and leaves a smooth skin that you do not even necessarily have to rework with a wet razor. In terms of precision, we couldn’t complain either. Thus, the Trimsher is easy to handle and even special shaves are easily possible. The razor offers the user a lot of comfort and is easy to use. Therefore, we can actually only give it a good rating and rate the test as positive. Therefore, we would also like to recommend it, because its performance has convinced us. By the way, the 120 minutes of battery life are not promised too much. It achieves this without performance losses and still delivers a good result.

General Trimsher opinions

In our search for more experiences with the Trimsher, we also asked for the opinions of other users. Here we found some testimonials that provided us with a good overview. Trimsher was praised by most of them. In particular, the easy operation and handling was mentioned again and again. So many are satisfied with the razor and would buy it again and again. Many also take it with them on the road, whether on vacation or just at work, to remove any hair. In general, the Trimsher was very well received by users and provided them with a flawless result. Therefore, most of them are happy to recommend it and would also like to use it in the long run. Meanwhile, we could not find any negative testimonials. Visit this product website to see more customer reviews!

Where can I order Trimsher?

Trimsher is best ordered directly from the manufacturer itself. The manufacturer has its own website on the Internet, including a webshop, where special offers for customers are also available. Here, you simply select the right offer, enter your data in the adjacent order form, and then select a payment method. To make things as simple as possible, methods such as Paypal and credit card are available here. These are easy to use and particularly safe for the customer. After that, you simply complete the order. A mail that is sent afterwards gives a further overview of the order. In addition, the customer receives a tracking code with which he can always check where the order is currently located. Thus, you can even calculate when the Trimsher will approximately arrive.

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Moving on to the offers: These usually compose of several models of Trimsher and ensure that you always have a charged razor at hand or in every pocket. Therefore, these offers are very suitable and you should grab them. In addition, they also bring a financial advantage. This consists in the fact that one pays a higher amount in total at first, but with an individual order the hair clipper would be more expensive. Therefore, it is always worthwhile to access. However, there is one drawback: the offers are only available for a certain time. Whether they will return again after that is not entirely clear. Moreover, they could then also be more expensive. Therefore, we always recommend taking advantage of the opportunity when it is available. Here to the product website to see the discounted prices!

Who is the provider of the product?

The provider is a company that has the following address: Ecom7 Limited, Hong Kong

The Trimsher can be ordered on the following website:

The offers mentioned are also available here, from which one can derive a financial benefit.

In addition, there is a phone number that you can use. It is: (+852) 2110 0990.

You can also use a mail address if you want to contact the manufacturer. This is: contact @ e-com7 . com.

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General information about shaving

Daily shaving is a procedure that many incorporate into their daily grooming routine. Men even more than women, although they can also benefit from the skills of a good razor. In general, a really clean shave is only guaranteed if you have a good razor. This must have sharp blades and a long running time. While most devices only work with a cable, there are also battery-powered variants that provide relief here. However, these are often not as powerful and start to wear out as soon as the battery runs a little low. Therefore, it is recommended to rely on a high-quality device that has quality and thus also ensures a good shave. However, the search and choice of the right razor is difficult.

However, the Trimsher comes with all the features you would expect from a good shaver. These include not only sharp blades that shave down to zero millimeters, but also a long battery life. The Trimsher can do what others can’t and also has good quality and technical performance to match. The built-in battery lasts up to 120 minutes and is by no means weak. Due to this, it is definitely recommendable for anyone who has decided on a flawless shave that goes smoothly. One point that is also always mentioned is the regular cleaning that is needed with the device, which is difficult with regular products. This is not the case with the device presented here. You simply get a cleaning brush with it, use some oil to lubricate the blade and the razor runs perfectly again.

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Known FAQ about this product

In this last section, we’ll explain the last questions that might have arisen about the Trimsher. Thus, we want to tell you even more about the razor and its quality, so you’ll be even more confident when choosing it.

Q: Does the Trimsher really cut down to zero millimeters?

A: Definitely! The blade is of such good quality that the hair clipper manages to shave the skin smoothly without any effort.

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Q: What all is included with the Trimsher?

A: Besides the device itself, three shaving combs are included, plus a charging cable and a cleaning brush. For the head from the razor is also included a protective cover.

Q: Can the Trimsher be used on any hair type?

A: The Trimsher shaves any type of hair without difficulty and with high quality. Therefore, the device is also used by many hairdressers for beard care, as well as shaving other body hair.

Q: How long will the delivery take?

A: It usually takes up to 21 days for the Trimsher to arrive. However, the delivery time may vary depending on where you order from. Once you receive the tracking number by mail, you can definitely check where the package is and calculate approximately when it will arrive. So a certain control is definitely possible.

Q: Is it possible to return the device?

A: If you are not satisfied with the quality or the device in general, you can return it. The best way to do this is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on their FAQ page. The best way to do this is to fill out the form and then wait for the feedback. Then you can also initiate a return, or get your money back.

Q: Is it very easy to disassemble the device?

A: For cleaning, you can easily disassemble the hair clipper by means of a few screws. Thus, a clean work is also always guaranteed, without this the capabilities of the blade weaken.

Q: Does the battery degrade over time?

A: The battery remains strong throughout the runtime and does not weaken.

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