Truck accidents can be preventable – What are the ways of staying away from such incidents?

Truck accidents can be preventable - What are the ways of staying away from such incidents?
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You must be aware of the fact that the majority of the products that we buy online or from a store are transported in a commercial truck at some point in time. Considering the large number of trucks that move on the road,  it is inevitable that collisions will occur and the results can be life-changing and devastating. In fact,  there are reports that reveal that a person is injured due to a traffic accident every 15 minutes.

While it is not always the Truck Driver who can be held responsible for an accident,  There are several other things that can be done in order to protect ourselves from such massive-sized vehicles. You can click for help from a truck accident lawyer if you wish to file a claim against the liable party. Let’s check out a few ways to prevent truck accidents.

Be careful about maintaining the following distance

If you are driving a passenger vehicle like a car,  you should always maintain adequate space while following a truck. Driving too close behind a large-sized vehicle restrains the visibility of the road that lies in front of you. Drivers should make sure they have enough time to respond to unexpected situations by leaving a following distance of a minimum of 3 seconds. Passenger vehicles should also leave enough room when they pass in front of trucks.

Stay away from the blind spots of the truck

Due to the sheer size of the vehicles,  trucks usually have large blind spots. These blind spots are located on both sides of the truck and also the area that lies immediately behind the trailer. If you can see the truck driver in its where view mirror,  this means you are in the truck’s blind spots. When you are unable to see the driver,  this means that the driver is also not able to see you and he might be unaware of your presence. So,  if you don’t want to face an accident with a truck,  it is better to stay away from the blind spots of the truck.

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Never engage in distracted driving

Being the driver of a commercial truck or a tractor-trailer,  it is your responsibility to watch fully notice the road and operate your vehicle with utmost safety. This could only be possible when you are driving without any sort of distractions. There might be a time when you think it is very important for you to read a text message and reply to it immediately. But while you do that,  you have to take your eyes off the road for a certain time and this can raise the chances of an accident. Therefore,  it is recommended that you should never distract yourself while you are driving a truck.

Truck accidents can be devastating as they are usually of huge size. If a pedestrian or a passenger car collides with a truck, there are high chances of serious accidents. It is therefore extremely important to watch your driving behavior to stay away from accidents.

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