Top 10 truck companies in Pennsylvania

top truck companies in Pennsylvania
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Transportation is the most important aspect of meeting needs. The most efficient and most relying means of transportation in the world. In a developed country like Pennsylvania, these are the most important aspect of the business.

Here are the top 10 truck companies in Pennsylvania, United States of America-

What is a truck company?

A truck company is a transportation company that transports goods and services from one place to another in no time.

What kind of transportation a truck company does?

They transport services and goods and timely delivery to places even trans-state. Trucking is a cash flow-intensive business. You are always buying fuel, making insurance payments, making truck payments, and so on. Unless you get quick-pays, shippers and brokers can pay invoices in 15 to 30 days. Many factoring companies provide fuel advances, cards, and other services as well. If you want more information regarding fleet management and truck companies, has more on fleet management companies

List of top 10 Trucking companies in Pennsylvania-

PLS Logistics Services (Our Shipping Logistics Management Company)

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PLS Logistics Services is a leading provider of full-service transportation management and brokerage services for shippers across all industries. PLS handles millions of loads annually across all freight modes. The PLS carrier network consists of 45,000+ carriers. PLS PRO, the proprietary TMS software, provides business intelligence and technology-enabled transportation solutions.

Address: 3120 Unionville Road, Bldg. 110, Cranberry Township, PA , Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania 16066 United States. Ph no.(888) 814-8486

Galasso Trucking

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One reason why Galasso Trucking has exceptional service is that they’re involved. They will constantly monitor shipments – big or small- and coordinate with your Broker/Freight Forwarder, Steamship line, U.S. Customs, and the pier to be sure that cargo will be picked up and delivered to you fast.
Galasso Trucking has long-established relationships with all Brokers/Freight Forwarders, Steamship Lines, and Pier facilities in the Port of Philadelphia. With these relationships and our international experience, we can help you avoid the confusion of releases, regulations, documentation, and just plain costly delays. Sit back and let us handle your problems.

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Address : 2840 Hedley St, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19137, United States
Ph No. 215.535.4731

Polaris intermodal

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Since 1985 Northstar services ltd has been a valued and trusted partner in the intermodal services industry. In 2014 Northstar services ltd. changed our operation by establishing an agency relationship with the Evans delivery company now operating as Polaris intermodal. This decision made Polaris intermodal part of a network with more than 300 intermodal agents and 5,000 owner-operators to better serve our customers wherever and whenever they need transportation services. Although our name may have changed Polaris intermodal’s success and sustainability have come through providing the same premium-driven quality transportation service to our customers.

Address: 3670 S. Lawrence Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19148
United States

Triple R Transportation

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Triple R Transportation is a transportation contracting and consulting company that specializes in the shipment of oversized cargo. They act as an agent for a number of the nation’s top carriers, allowing us to connect shippers with the carriers best suited for their particular needs. Unlike a number of our competitors, They take an active role in a project, working with both the shipper and the carrier from the start to finish of your project. With over forty years of experience, our staff can provide personalized customer service and ensure the safe, timely, and cost-effective transportation of your cargo. They offer their services within the United States as well as Canada and Mexico.

Address: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19106
United States
Phone No- +1 (610) 358-9790

Lester R. Summers Trucking (Delivering Excellence Since 1946)

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With more than 70 years in business, Summers Trucking is recognized as the premier oversize precast hauler in the northeast. In addition to hauling oversize precast, Summers provides expertise in hauling modular buildings, custom façade systems, prefab steel, machinery, and specialty loads for NASA. The company’s specialty is parking garages but their experience and wide range of trailer inventory allow them the capability to any commodity requiring a special touch.

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Address: 40 Garden Spot Road, Suite #100 Ephrata, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 17522
United States

M T A Transportation (Transportation Services You Can Count On)

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Trust M T A Transportation for all your transportation needs. They provide comprehensive transportation services in Folcroft, PA. You can expect hassle-free services when you choose us. You can call them and they will cater to transportation needs.

PGT Trucking (Safety is Everyone’s Job – All the Time)

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PGT Trucking is actively hiring drivers, mechanics, office and support staff. They are an industry leader in interstate freight transportation committed to customer relationships, safety, and on-time delivery. PGT Trucking services many industries including Steel, Building Materials, Machinery, Oil & Gas, Raw Materials, Aluminum, and Automotive. Safety is a core value at PGT, and this philosophy is supported throughout the company in everything they do.

Address: 4200 Industrial Blvd. | Aliquippa , Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15001
United States

R&R Express

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Centrally headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, R&R Express, Inc. has developed into a leading provider of transportation and logistics services to a variety of industries by utilizing our unique ability to deploy assets and partners’ strengths on behalf of our customers. Using a combination of our truck assets and contracts with over 20,000 carriers, R&R moves thousands of shipments per year. Our capabilities are supported and enhanced by a world-class suite of systems and technologies which provide centralized visibility and control of customer loads.​ Our mission is to be the best in class in the logistics industry and provide efficient and cost-effective solutions that meet today’s transportation requirements. We are dedicated to providing the necessary expertise for our customers by understanding their long-term goals. We commit to doing things right the first time thereby increasing productivity and efficiency. As a result of our commitment, we will foster an environment that is results-oriented and highly rewarding for our associates.

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Address: 100 Commerce Drive, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15275
United States

McClymonds Supply and Transit (Dry bulk trucking and supply services)

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McClymonds Supply & Transit provides dry bulk trucking and supply services to the eastern half of the United States. The fleet includes triaxle (straight truck) dump, tractor-trailer dump, pneumatic bulk tank, roll-off triaxles and trailers, and heavy haul. The Company supplies dry bulk materials to commercial, residential, and highway construction companies, landscapers, industrial manufacturers and mills, and the oil and gas industry, among others.

Address: 296 Currie Road, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 16051
United States

Beemac Trucking(Relationships Move Loads)

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Beemac Trucking LLC is a premier trucking and logistics company providing asset-based trucking, logistics, port, warehousing, and specialized services to customers throughout North America. We pride ourselves on unmatched service and on the quality of our employees. No one outworks or outperforms Beemac because we believe “​ Relationships Move Loads “​

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a truck company?

A truck company is basically a transportation company that transports goods and services from one place to another in no time.

Are they all involved in imports and exports?

No not all are dealing in export and import.

What are their monthly earnings?

Approx. $100-$500

Are all the companies in Pennsylvania?


What is the net worth of all the trucking companies?


Are they linked to Indian transportation?


Do they transport shifting home goods?

Mostly they deal in machinery and logistics and services.

What is the requirement to start this trucking business?

An authentic business license for transportation services.

What kind of services do they transport?

All kinds of services from simple transportation to major business dealings

Do they transport heavy machinery as well?

How can they be approached?

The addresses and phone numbers are mentioned.

Are they transported in different states?



All these truck companies are best at what they do and provide services top-notch. You can trust these companies as they deliver goods and services on time and with utmost care. They believe in serving and making goods reach where they belong.

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