truMe, Identity & Access Platform raised $1,45,000 from Investor Rajan Kaistha
truMe, Identity & Access Platform raised $1,45,000 from Investor Rajan Kaistha

truMe, Identity & Access Platform raised $1,45,000 from Investor Rajan Kaistha

truMe, Identity & Access Platform raised $1,45,000 from Investor Rajan Kaistha
The flagship product of Mobico Comodo Pvt Ltd., truMe is a technology products company that offers a global platform for identity and access management that delights the users while offering real-time visibility, true security, and power of analytics to numerous establishments. Mobico Comodo owns the patent of truMe and was founded by a group of friends including Pramod Uniyal, Babu Dayal and Lalit Mehta in anticipation of the growing need throughout the urban nation for a safe and easy tool for identity and access management.

The start-up has been passionate about technology and has worked effectively upon several of them to produce a platform that operates across a multitude of identity and access management products. They offer numerous technologies to create a product that is simple to use both by individual users and establishments. It is a state-of-the-art platform, which is independent of the hardware to create an unmatched experience for the users.

Recently, the start-up fetched funding of $1,45,000 from a US angel investor Rajan Kaistha. Further, truMe plans to use this fund to effectuate their services in Delhi-NCR better and also expand operations in Bengaluru and Mumbai. Along with these ideas, they also desire to use the proceeds in better technology and talent.

With all their previous funds the start-up has introduced a new extended program that is effectively designed to benefit partners across the globe to grow their business and better serve the requirements of their users with world identity and access management solutions. For instance, if we talk about office spaces, truMe creates customized access rules for the office employees, duration based entry passes for the temp staff and a sophisticated visitor management system. All these actions are necessary for the perfect functioning of a company and that is what truMe guarantees to its clients.

The Grand View Research published a report stating that the Identity and Access Management Industry has been developing at a CAGR of 13.1% and is positively expected to reach $24 billion per annum by 2025.
Coming to the investment news, Babu Dayal, COO, truMe, mentioned that truMe uses the technology to structure an ecosystem that will successfully liberate businesses from numerous constraints of legacy access management systems and drastically bring down the costs for them by all means. Further, Pramod N Uniyal, CEO, truMe, mentioned that the company’s vision is that every single person in the world must have a digital identity hosted on truMe.

They wish to develop an access management ecosystem that operates on truMe all over the world and also makes access private, secure and convenient for users and businesses.
Rajan, CEO, RST Solutions Inc, on the funding, mentioned that he is excited about the individuals and the technology behind truMe and strongly believes that there is an urgent need for an access management ecosystem that truMe can easily and efficiently fulfill. He has been ardently watching their works and has liked what truMe does.



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