Turbine Engineering: Everything you need to know about Gas Turbines

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A gas turbine, also known as a combustion turbine, is a machine that converts gas or other liquid fuel into mechanical energy. This energy is then used to power a generator that produces electricity that is distributed through power lines to homes and offices. To generate electricity, a gas turbine heats a mixture of air and fuel at a very high temperature, causing the blades of the turbine to spin. The turbine spins, providing power to a generator that converts energy into electricity. Turbine Engineering provides engineering services in the oil and gas industry in areas such as instrumentation engineering and control, mechanical and operational support, and system and process of gas turbines.

Gas Turbine Components:

However, regular maintenance and proper gas turbine services are crucial to ensuring the smooth operation and longevity of these machines. A proper maintenance program should include regular inspections, repairs, and upgrades to maintain optimal performance. With the right gas turbine services, a gas turbine power plant can continue to run efficiently and effectively for many years to come.

  • The Compressor:

The compressor drives air into the engine, pressurizes it, and flows into the combustion chamber at a very high speed.

  • The Combustion System:

The compressor drives air into the engine, pressurizes it, and flows into the combustion chamber at a very high speed.

  • The Turbine:

The turbine consists of a complicated assembly of stationary and moving aerofoil blades. The hot gasses from combustion flow through the turbine, causing the rotating blades to spin. These blades serve a dual purpose, both driving the compressor to force pressurized air into the combustion chamber and turning the generator to generate electricity

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Gas Turbine Installation:

In offshore operation, gas turbine drivers can be mounted on a shared platform with the equipment being used. This platform should be level at all three points to make sure it works properly. If the operation is on a boat, this has to be done on land so that it’s not affected by the waves. After the platform is level and in place, all the connections can be welded. The platform must stay stable during the installation process. There are also extra parts like air vents, exhaust pipes, and air inlets that must be put together in a specific order. To make it easier, some parts of the pipes must be joined together on the ground, then lifted up and put in place.

Commissioning, Operation, and Maintenance of Gas Turbines:

Before using it, all the equipment and extra parts must be checked to make sure they work properly. This includes checking all the instruments on the gas turbine and cleaning the pipes around it. If the gas turbine can run on both gas and liquid fuel, it can be started with either one. Before turning on the gas turbine, the extra systems like the control and power panels must be checked and working properly. The commissioning team must follow the instructions carefully. After they are done, the gas turbine will be given to the people who will run and take care of it.

Benefits of Gas Turbine Power Plants:

  • Gas Turbine Power Plants boast a low operational cost due to their fuel-efficient operation at high temperatures. This cost-effective and economical process results in less fuel consumption.
  • Compared to other types of power plants, gas turbine power plants require less maintenance to maintain their operational status.
  •  Due to their compact design, they are both efficient and durable. This design allows them to be easily installed even in limited spaces.
  •  Gas Turbine Power Plants employ the latest in carbon capture technology to minimize greenhouse gas emissions, resulting in a minimal release of harmful pollutants into the environment.
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Final Remarks:

At Prismecs, we provide dependable turbine power for a variety of industries, including oil and gas, power generation, metals, mining, and cement.

Our team of skilled engineers delivers comprehensive, turnkey solutions, ranging from balance of plant to planned maintenance. In particular, power generation requires exceptional engineering expertise, which our experts excel in providing.

Turbine engineering has been embedded in our team’s DNA from the start for the benefit of our clients and their operations.

Our turbine engineers are skilled in creating customized solutions that cater to the diverse needs and energy requirements of different environments.

Our expertise encompasses a wide range of models and frame designs, particularly in gas turbines. We use our knowledge to produce dependable power sources and offer exceptional engineering support and equipment.

Whether you need gas turbine parts for your business, we guarantee to deliver products that meet your expectations and keep your industry running smoothly. Contact us today at 18887747632 or send an email to sales@prismecs.com for high-quality gas turbine parts.

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