7 Types of Content Writing Services for your Business

Types of content writing ServicesTypes of content writing Services

The most important phrase that drives every website is that ‘Content is the King’. Rightly so, since the type of content that your website offers determines the reach and traffic of your business website. This section therefore deals with the need of content writers and the different types of content writing services to choose from for your business.

What does a Content writer do?

In this era which is driven by the digital world, content writers play an extremely important role in ensuring that the goals of the business are met. Every website needs to come up with good quality and unique content to ensure that their customers are kept engaged to them.

The role of content writer is vast. They come up with engaging and interesting content that ensures that the website traffic increases and positively affect the company’s digital marketing target or plan.

The content writers:

  • Researches about a topic and comes up with relevant and important information about it.
  • Makes the content keyword rich and SEO friendly helping the website to rank.
  • Drafts easy to understand content for the audience of the business compelling them to take an action in favor of the business.

Hence, for a business to ensure that their goals are met, they need to either hire content writers India.

What are the different types of content writing?

Every content writer has their own niche that they expertise in. There are various niches that range from lifestyle, travel and leisure to technical and others. Hence, to put some more light to it, here is the different type of writer:

  1. Technical Writers

Technical writing is relatively complex when compared to the other forms of writing. The topics of this are vast and can range from chemistry, robotics, engineering and gadgets to even space sciences. It requires the writers to have an in-depth knowledge of the field and a passion to come up with interesting content. These writers present the otherwise tough subjects or contents in an easy way so that people with no knowledge about the same can also understand it. They provide detailed description on the various aspects of technology, such as, the mechanics, processes, user manuals, instructions and FAQ’s.

  • SEO Writers
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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important things to take care of for all the online businesses. It is the method of increasing the traffic of a website. The SEO content writers ensure that the content is written with the target to keep it search engine and SEO friendly. These writers are experts in blending in the right keywords naturally and strategically into the content as types of content writing. They research and draft organic content following the rules and regulations of by Google, for it to rank in the SERP or Search Engine Results Page.

  • Ghostwriter or Ghostwriting

Ghostwriters write for a website or a business in exchange of a fee without keeping the copyright with them. That is, they write in an anonymous manner letting someone else take the credit of the writing piece. There could be several reasons on the part of an organization to hire a ghost writer for their content writing process. Some of them are:

  • For all those people who although have amazing ideas for their organization, does not know how to convert them into words in the best engaging way.
  • To help do the work of the employees and save their time, so that they can use the extra time to focus on other tasks.
  • When the organization does not have the time, skills or the motivation required to fill in the content requirement.
  • Social Media Content Writers

Social media is undoubtedly one of the best platforms to share a good relationship with the customers in the current times. Hence, the requirement of social media content writers has increased to a tremendous extent. This is for the fact that people now, no matter their age, spends a considerable amount of time switching between apps. The content that the social media content writer as one of the types of content writing writes is crafted to encourage a conversation amongst all the users, thereby increasing the number of shares. These writers use the right hash tags for the website to rank and come to everyone’s notice. They are aware of the right content length for the different platforms and the exact time when they must post to garner maximum attention. The business must hire from content writing services Delhi to ensure maximum reach. 

  • Business Writers
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Business writers are mainly hired by corporate structures to help them draft official emails, memorandums, product and service descriptions and monthly reports. The role of content writer here is that they are the voice of the organization that helps the organization to stand out of its competitors. The main objective of the business content writer is to come up with simple, easy to read and understandable contents that caters to a huge mass. The main target of these contents is to convince the target customers to choose a particular company in compared to the others.

  • Press Release Writers

Press Releases as types of content writing are official information that is delivered to the media houses by an organization when they want to announce something important. These could be for:

  • Informing the target customers about the launch of a new product or service.
  • Making the organization’s presence felt and let more people know about its existence.

The emergence of social media has paved a way for e-press releases. The press release writers from various digital marketing services help to draft these releases and connect directly with the target audience, more frequently. This helps the organization to bag various natural back links to their website from various newspapers and websites.

  • Copy Writers

The Copy Writer focuses on drafting articles to attract the attention of the target customer, persuading them to take an action in favor of the organization. Copywriters write articles with the focus of using them as a tool for marketing. They create small, descriptive and powerful article with impactful words. These articles contain eye catchy title, description, advertisement, jingles and taglines amongst others. These types of content writing involve getting an insight to every minute detail and goals of an organization to perfectly blend them in contents. These writers specialize in drafting product descriptions, info graphics, website copies, sales collaterals etc.   

FAQ’s in Types of Content Writing

What are Content Writing Services?

Content Writing Services helps an organization to have some professional writers on board that helps them prepare articles for achieving the goals of the organization. There is various SEO content writing service India who draft SEO rich, relevant and interesting content that enables the business to outshine in the competitive market, thereby making it grow.

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What is the benefit of Content Writing for Businesses?

Content is undoubtedly the core of all online business. It helps to deliver the vision of the organization to the target customers. To chalk out here are some of the reasons why content writing is an absolute necessity for all businesses:

  • A rich in keyword content helps to boost the rankings in the search engines.
  • A good and engaging content helps to increase the sales of a business.
  • It helps to give a voice to the brand.

How many types of content writing are there?

There are various kinds of content writing and different types of writers that caters to the needs of different organizations. To mention, some of them are:

  • Technical Writing.
  • SEO Writing.
  • Ghost Writing.
  • Copy Writing.
  • Press Release Writing.
  • Business Writing.
  • Social Media Content Writing.

What is the benefit of SEO friendly content?

Even though ‘Content is King’, writing content that is not SEO friendly is almost equivalent to not writing it at all. Hence some of the few reasons why it is a must for the content to be SEO friendly are:

  • It helps to hit the top spots of Google and increase the rank in the SERP.
  • It helps the brand or the organization to create a sense of recognition and trust amongst its target consumers.
  • Enables the brand to garner social media attention.
  • Right use of keywords increases the number of visitor thereby engaging audience.

How can you make a career in content writing? 

Content Writing requires the presence of mind and understanding the genre that a person is strong in and has enough knowledge about. Some of the basis of content writing is:

  • Identify your forte or niche.
  • Keep writing to enhance the skills.
  • Unleash the creative juices and make the content engaging.
  • Do good amount of research.

All business comes with their own set of goals and requirements. Hence, to achieve them and to mark a spot in the digital world, it is important to figure out that one amongst the various types of content writing services available that fits the organization.

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