Underprivileged kids coping with poverty: Do you want to help?

Underprivileged kids coping with poverty: Do you want to help?
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Stats state that poverty has been a major reason contributing to the death rate of children. As per the data, poverty kills 4000 people daily, which is around 1.5 million people yearly. What’s more heart-wrenching is that most people die because of coping with poverty when they are pretty young. There are several NGOs and foundations working worldwide to help kids and people cope with poverty and help them live by getting the basic means.

Coping with poverty needs a logical pathway. Funding doesn’t mean spending money irrationally on food or health. It means logically spending money so that the poor are not deprived of any basic amenities. Here’s how you can help with children’s aid:

Quality education

Seventy-two million kids don’t go to school, adding to a major chunk of the population. But not getting their right to education, the kids grow up becoming nothing more than a burden on society. Lack of knowledge causes unemployment which further gives birth to illegal activities. Hence, a major step to giving life directions to poor kids is offering them quality education to set a strong foundation.

Basic health amenities

The WHO and World Bank reports state that half of the world’s population lacks basic health amenities. The UNICEF report declares that after every 5 seconds, a child passes away at age 15. Children dying mean that a country doesn’t have the resources to provide the right health aid. Hence basic health facilities should be provided to fight against poverty.

Availability of clean water

Over 400 million children don’t get access to clean drinking water. It is disheartening to know that they are drinking dirty water, which is the source of multiple diseases. Eventually, kids end up paying the price with their lives. Hence, clean water should be provided to the kids to get rid of this issue.

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Skills and resilience

Similar to education, every child should be given a specific skill to earn their livelihood in the coming years. Developing skills in a child will prepare them for a better future, and they will start fighting poverty on their own. With the kids being trained for a special skill, they will become essential to a company’s income, reducing poverty.

How can your donation help?

When you donate to childrens aid, you are actually helping them get clean water, good food, and a roof over their heads. The donation is for all the underprivileged kids who are economically unstable. Your donation offers them books to learn, food to eat, a home to live in, and water to drink. Your donation helps them seek refuge and get medical aid as and when required. Remember, your donation is the only source that works for them, as they don’t have access to any other financial help. As a privileged, it is important for you to play your role and help others live a comfortable life so that no one is left behind. So donate as much as you can to reduce poverty.

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