Understand How To Become A Pilot In 2022

Become A Pilot
Understand How To Become A Pilot In 2022

This post was most recently updated on May 1st, 2022

Flying as a professional is an interesting career choice to make. Leaving aside all the glamor and the talk of how appealing such a career is, you need to know that such a job is equally responsible.

It might even become daunting to become trained to fly as a commercial pilot. Of course, it is worth a mention that there are several grades of pilot and depending on the career path you tap, there are chances you could end up on any ground.  Here is a detailed look into what actually goes into becoming a pilot out of a reputed flight school.

Do You Have The Mettle To Become A Pilot?

Always remember that becoming a pilot means you need to be mentally prepared for a lot more than just enjoying the adrenaline rush of flying high. Besides the glam part of the job and the respect it commands, you must have the constitution of handling tough emergencies and unexpected situations high up in the air. Quick thinking ability, capacity to remain calm in crisis and being a tough nut that doesn’t crack under pressure—are qualities a pilot must definitely possess.

Technical Bits

There are specific flying hours that you need up your sleeve for becoming a professional flier. The licenses around flight times and supplemental ratings involved are all under FAA. Of course, helming all of these things is a college degree. Working with a reputable airline means you have a good number of flying hours to credit. Having ample experience on this ground makes you a better choice for becoming an airline pilot.  Once these technical aspects are sorted, there are a couple of options staring you in the face. These are the choices to become a military pilot or a civilian one.

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How To Pick One Route?

While passion can fuel your dream of becoming a pilot, making the choice between civilian and military is a matter of interest first. 

  • You need to understand that becoming a military pilot has a huge advantage is that this calls for much more respect, honors and of course, course fee coverage under the government. However, this also means a compulsion to serve over a certain time frame in the military. Besides, there is intense competition and a different level of stress that goes into a military pilot profile.
  • On the other hand, if you choose to tread the civilian pilot pathway, you are in for an expensive training fee, some unpredictability as well as a huge stress to accrue the relevant ratings and licenses. The resume you build heavily depends on the huge number of hours you put in towards flying.
  • There are some highly rated flying schools though, from where graduates have leverage in flying hours’ requirements to become a commercial pilot. The list is available on the FAA website.

The Costs Involved

A pilot school is expensive. However, there are few grants and scholarships available that vary from state to state. Check up if you could be eligible for any of these. Moreover, a basic bachelor’s degree is the first step to becoming a pilot. Therefore, before you head towards making it as a pilot and invest money into pilot training schools, getting a college degree is mandatory. This automatically adds to the overall costs of education. 

Summing Up

Of course the intensity and expenses involved in a pilot training course is well worth the hefty returns it offers. However, you need to be sure that you would be up for such a job first. Plan ahead, do the right research and understand all the aspects involved in becoming a pilot first. Once you are sure of the career choice, go ahead and plan your course ahead.