Understanding Skip Hire

Understanding Skip Hire
Understanding Skip Hire

Skips are metal containers that are heavy-duty and designed to be filled with all kinds of non-hazardous garbage and waste. When you are looking for options in skip hire Havering you should consider some of the different choices and what you need the skip before as you make your selection. Skips are very convenient, allowing people to get rid of a lot of waste that the usual garbage pickup service cannot handle.

Make sure they are registered

Any business that handles anything like waste transportation has to be registered with the EA or Environment Agency. You should make sure you hire someone reliable, registered, and experienced. They understand the importance of safe transportation, safe disposal, and safe transfer. Certain things should not be put into skips because of the hazardous materials they contain. Things like fridges and freezers, for example, or tires, batteries, fuel type liquids, paint, and also electrical items. While you can use skip hire Harold Hill for other waste, those things need to be disposed of carefully and responsibly.

Different sizes

You can get skips of all different sizes though some skip services might only offer the more popular options. The smaller end of the scale is 2 to 4 cubic meters, then in the mid-range, they are 6 to 8 cubic meters, and then at the top end, they are 10 to 12 cubic meters. The small sizes are great for garden waste and when there is not much room for a skip to be placed. The mid-range is good for building work and renovations but needs space that is about the size of a car, plus dumping and access space. Larger skip hire Havering is used for bulkier items and is reserved when it is possible to access them using ramps.

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Filling a skip

When filling any skip, care should be taken to do it safely and responsibly. You should try to avoid generating excessive noise and dust. You should order something on the larger side rather than overfill a smaller skip that they might then refuse to move, or they might remove items from before transporting the skip away.

Positioning a skip

Ideally, you would use a skip hire Harold Hill and have it brought onto your property, in your drive, garden, or such. It causes less disruption too. It can be placed on the road, but you might need a permit to do it as the issue of public safety and road use needs to be taken into account. You get a permit for a skip from the council. Things that affect the placement of the skip are whether there is a lot of demand for parking there, where it is close to crossings or junctions, and whether you impact access to other things. Council will charge for the permit, which in some cases the skip company applies for, and in some cases needs to be you that applies for it. If the skip causes damage to the pavement or area, you will be liable to pay for that.

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