United needs ‘open heart operation’

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Traditional club Manchester United is going through a disappointing season in the English Premier League. The club is at number six in the table with only 54 points after 33 matches of the league. It seems impossible for them to play in the UEFA Champions League next season from the top four.

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United have already appointed a new head coach for the turnaround mission. Cristiano Ronaldo and Bruno Fernandez will be coached by Netherlands coach Eric Ten Hughes in the new season.

Ralph Rangnik, who is currently acting coach, has said that the minor changes will not work for Ten Hughes. Rangnik thinks that radical change is needed through open heart surgery.

“It’s a matter of seeing how you solve problems,” he said. Minor solutions will not work here. It’s like an open heart operation. If everyone believes that change will come, then this work will not take many years. It is possible within a year.

Rather than a positive environment for new coaches, Rangnik said, “We need positive energy for new teams and new coaches. If he gets it, if he is properly educated, then this could be a good direction for us for the season. ‘

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