Unrated: The Fresh Squeezed IPA From Deschutes Brewery And The Story Behind Hop

Unrated: The Fresh Squeezed IPA From Deschutes Brewery And The Story Behind Hop

It is a cliché in the realm of craft brewing to say that brewers create the styles of beer that they would like to drink themselves. And it would be wonderful if the general people enjoyed it as well. The consistency with which Deschutes Fresh Squeezed Ipa adhere to this subject is analogous to the consistency with which a political party maintains its message during an election year. Despite the fact that it may at times appear to be dishonest, there is nonetheless a ring of truth about it.

Well Received By The General Audience

On the other hand, the degree to which a beer is well received by the general audience is also important. And every brewery that is expanding will tell you, if they are being honest, that the market is just as big of a factor, if not more, in determining what Squeezed Coupon Code are created next. After Goses caused a commotion across the country a few years ago, Sierra Nevada has just produced their very own year-round national, called Otra Vez, riding on the success of the proof-of-concept beer.

 The West Coast’s Position

After that, session Deschutes Fresh Squeezed Ipa firmly reinstated the West Coast’s position as the leader in the hops industry (as if they ever really lost their grip). The year 2015 was the year of the pilsner, thanks in large part to beers like Firestone Walker’s Pivo Pils, which plowed some new ground. As a result of the fact that expanding breweries all over the country currently have the luxury of excess capacity, it is likely that the current situation with craft lager will continue into 2016 with the same level of vigor as Cigar City did in Florida last month.

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Extremely Popular Among Brewers

These Deschutes Fresh Squeezed Ipa beers are extremely popular among brewers. They are enjoying tremendous sales success as a direct result of the fact that customers enjoy drinking them as well. The choice to put these kinds of styles into production, however, is being driven mostly by projections regarding these kinds of styles and the likelihood that they would be successful in the market. Which leads us to Deschutes’ Fresh Squeezed.

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Please Get In Line

When Veronica Vega, head brewer at Deschutes Fresh Squeezed Ipa, began producing Fresh Squeezed for the first time, the batch size was merely a number. At this point, we’ve been using the experimental hops that the growers have provided for us to evaluate for at least ten years What can I say. Because there are only 20 pounds of these hops available and many of these hops are merely numbers at the time, this strategy can actually only be used at the pub level.

Come Up With A Standard

So what we do is come up with a standard, experimental hop recipe, and then we test all of these different hops at the same rate so that we can compare apples to apples and get a sense of what that hop accomplishes when it is being used in the brewhouse. Deschutes Fresh Squeezed Ipa is the method that brewers use to evaluate hops because it’s just different when you brew with it, which is a phrase that describes how hops change when they are used to make beer.

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The Fresh Squeezed Test

And with that, the Fresh Deschutes Fresh Squeezed Ipa  test got underway, just like any other test coming off the line. Hop #394 was given the opportunity to perform on a modest stage with the addition of some pale malt, caramel malt, and a standard bittering hop. It sang its little unproven heart out. The drink’s zesty flavor led to the establishment’s employees giving it the nickname Deschutes Fresh Squeezed Ipa before it ever made it to the bar. Naturally, it became incredibly popular very quickly.

The Brewery’s Experimental Hop Brews

Vega notes that many of the brewery’s experimental hop brews have found favor with customers. Because these are one-of-a-kind India Pale Ales that are unavailable elsewhere, this product delivers something that the craft beer customer is yearning for. But there’s no denying that this one was a huge hit.

Eventually Commercialized As Citra

The name of the hop was eventually commercialized as Citra, and it is currently in the process of becoming one of the most sought-after and famous hop brands in the world. Fresh Squeezed was brewed exclusively at the pub for a few years as the hops gradually became more and more available, and the name of the hop itself was eventually commercialized as Deschutes Fresh Squeezed Ipa.

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It Ships Beer From One Coast

However, the beer’s popularity almost certainly hindered its chances of success in the future. Deschutes is one of the most successful craft brewers in the country. Last year, the company increased its production to more than 300,000 barrels, and it ships beer from one coast to the other even as it works to establish a brewery on the east coast.

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Being Flexible And Adapting

Being flexible and adapting to the needs of customers is a task that is significantly more difficult for most breweries of this size than it was when they were just starting out. Consequently, experimenting might still go place, but it’s more like a duck paddling below the water’s surface at this point. On the summit, everything is in order.

Production Of Fresh Squeezed

After starting production of Deschutes Fresh Squeezed Ipa for the first time in 2009, Deschutes continued its expansion throughout the country, making an effort to regain the leadership position they had previously held with its flagship beers, Black Butte and Mirror Pond. But even as they expanded into these new marketplaces in distant lands, a peculiar pattern persisted.

The Craft Brewers Conference

When the Craft Brewers Conference was held in Portland the year before, Deschutes Fresh Squeezed Ipa had already established itself as the company’s best seller in 22 of the 28 areas. And that was the most significant issue.