Use of AI for Product Recommendations

AI for Product Recommendations
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AI-Recommendation engines have become an important part of online businesses and stores. As more e-commerce companies looking to increase the sales generated by their customers. So what is a recommendation engine? A recommendation engine recommends your products or services to shoppers, based on their user behavior. Past purchases, interests, and bought items all are major components that AI Engines use. They not only help you generate more sales but also assist in customer acquisition and retention through personalized shopping experiences.
iListUGo is an AI-based consumer portal where you can list your business. iListUGo provides the option to add maximum information about your business. Business name, business hours, contact number, and business category. Businesses can also upload their products and services on iListUGo, which are further processed by AI-Engines and recommended to interested shoppers.  

How AI Algorithms work for recommendations

AI recommendation system is a tool used by developers to forecast the users’ choices in a huge list of items including their products and services. The system gathers a certain amount of data about users’ preferences and compares them with other people’s preferences. Creating a potential list of items of products and services that the shoppers might enjoy. This is very helpful in user-driven business environments.
Artificial intelligence makes personalized recommendations possible. Modern machine learning algorithms are able to analyze interactions of users, find products visually suited for each individual customer, and make quick recommendations that match his or her preferences.

Information Filtering System

A recommendation engine is an information filtering system. It keeps uploading information personalized to the shopper’s interests, preferences, or behavioral history on a product. It is able to forecast a specific user’s preference on an item based on their profile. When a user is interested in a specific item, the system will recommend relevant products based on products the user has interacted with in the past. For example, if a user were to search for headphones, the recommendation engine would return results for similar or related products related to headphones like earphones and computer speakers.
Recommendation engines are a form of cognitive search engine that provides users with personalized search results. The systems can tailor results to make sure that users receive information relevant to their specific needs.

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Splendid Marketing Tool

Business suggestions and product recommendations are a very convenient way to increase sales and revenues, especially in e-commerce. And personalized product recommendations are widely used in the retail industry. This marketing tool uses data analytics to predict customer buying behavior and recommends products based on user-specific information. This is widely used by e-commerce retailers to develop customer loyalty and increase sales. 

Examples of Companies using a recommendation system

With the quickly developing amount of data on the Internet and a significant number of clients, it is essential for organizations to examine, search, channel and give valuable data to the clients as indicated by their requirements and interests. In general, the business recommendation engine is like an intelligent and experienced salesman who can grasp the needs, tastes, and requirements of users and can make knowledgeable decisions about recommendations that are beneficial and relevant to clients. At the same time, it increases conversion rates.

A vivid example of recommendation engine usage is Amazon. The statistics reveal that almost 35% of Amazon’s revenue comes from using recommendation engines.


Amazon has opened a new era in the field of online shopping. It gives you an idea of how to act as a business and creates a platform for publicity by selling products that are available at the right period of time. It is inclined to sell you the related accessories with your purchased product. Now if we consider its benefits, it becomes very clear that Amazon is the most efficient platform for consumerism worldwide. 
Amazon is always increasing its business by introducing new features, such as a recommendation engine and using an easy navigation system to attract customers to purchase more items instead of a single product.  Let’s assume you have purchased a bracelet, then it keeps will suggest your corresponding necklace and earrings. Amazon uses a recommendation engine to keep suggesting to products related to your interest.

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Amazon also uses recommendations for marketing. The most common practices used by Amazon are email campaigns and Landing pages. Amazon keeps recommending a lot of products from diverse business categories based on your browsing history. Their Recommendation engines pick up those items that you are probably going to buy.


iListUGo is a consumer portal, which connects shoppers with businesses. iListUGo has introduced Advanced AI-Recommendation Engines which connect potential customers with suitable businesses. AI technology of iListUGo has proven to be most efficient in current circumstances. iListUGo connects potential users to targeted businesses through AI-driven matchmaking. Ai Engines of iListUGo use shoppers search interests and online behavior. After a complete analysis of trending search behaviors, iListUGo Provides high-quality results to retailers as well as shoppers. Retailers can get their new customers by using AI technology of iListUGo and Shoppers can easily find their favorite products and services.

Another good example of a recommendation system is Netflix.  Netflix usually uses hybrid recommender systems. It starts by comparing the searching and viewing habits of users with the same interests. Then, it creates a special algorithm that compares preferences and tries to show you recommendations from ranked lists. This system ensures the relevance of suggestions to your needs.


There are a number of benefits to using AI Engines to increase your potential customers. Service engagement and reputation will improve, as well as better customer recommendations. Which directly leads to more prospects that get introduced to your brand. An AI platform is essential for your business to provide you with the right resources.  iListUGo is providing solutions for this problem by providing AI recommendation system.  Shoppers can easily find most suitable businesses for them and Businesses can get new customers. Register now at and Get access to one of the best and advanced AI based recommendation system.

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