User-Generated Content Stats You Need To Know

User-Generated Content
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When it comes to marketing, user-generated content (UGC) is one of the most effective tools at a business’s disposal. Businesses that can harness UGC, content that is derived from their customers, gain access to valuable material that they don’t have to create themselves. Their clients get the benefit of seeing what their peers think of the brand as well. Looking at the following statistics, it’s easy to see the value of UGC.

Reviews Make Conversions

Making customer reviews available is a great way to leverage UGC content to your advantage. In general, it makes sense that on-site reviews would help to sell more products. What is most surprising is how great of an influence they have influencing conversions. Displaying reviews on your site can increase conversions by a staggering 270%, specifically when comparing items with no reviews to those with five or more. That’s a lot of conversions for so little work!

UGC: Content You Can Trust

One of the reasons why customer reviews are valuable to consumers may be their distrust of influencers on the digital scene. A recent study found that 84% of consumers have more confidence in a brand that promotes customer feedback over a paid influencer. In their eyes, a hired content creator is more likely to follow the company playbook whereas fellow customers have a connection with the average consumer. This perceived “shared experience” makes amateur reviews much more palatable than traditional advertising copy.

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Millennial Influence

The 25-40 age bracket is one of the most dominant demographics that a marketing team can tap into. While it can be difficult to get their attention via traditional content, UGC can have quite an impact in reaching this generation. Some important data about this demographic include:

  • Millennials contribute most to UGC, contributing almost 70% of the total media.
  • UGC is 35% more memorable to millennials than those from mainstream outlets.
  • Millennials find UGC 20% more influential in purchasing decisions than any other source.
  • Millennials spend 18 hours per day on average consuming digital media, with 30% of that time spent taking in content from their peers.
  • 84% of millennials find customer reviews on company sites have a lot of influence on purchase decisions.

Tapping into a demographic that produces the most UGC gives your customers a voice that other consumers in the same age group will listen to.

Maximize Views

The popularity of UGC can’t be ignored. With a culture focused on social media, Millennials and other demographics use digital platforms to share not only their daily lives but also the products they consume. Studies suggest that UGC videos are four times more likely to be shared than their branded counterparts, making them a crucial part of any parking strategy. If consumers are more interested in sharing their friends’ opinions with the world, then the reach of your ad campaign is that much broader!

Turning to TikTok

Short-form videos have taken over the digital community. While Instagram and Facebook are playing catch-up, TikTok is still the reigning champion. That popularity gives the platform a lot of clout, too, as 73% of TikTok users feel more connected to the brands they get to interact with. By using these social media platforms to the fullest, businesses can make their brands look modern and fresh while also presenting a more authentic face to their audience. 

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The Consumer Experience

Customers are looking for more than just a company name they recognize. They want to feel involved and have a genuine interaction with the brands they love. Since 67% of customers are looking for a personal experience when shopping, UGC gives them the opportunity to hear from someone just like them. Building that relationship will help to solidify positive customer experiences, which in turn may lead to more positive feedback as well!

The Unfortunate Truth

When it comes down to it, many customers just don’t feel corporations have their back. While 92% of companies feel their marketing effectively reaches their audience, only 51% of consumers agree. That’s a big gap that may indicate some cognitive dissonance in the advertising industry. If customers feel businesses aren’t providing reliable and trustworthy content, they have no choice but to listen to their peers. 

Quality Content from UGC

Statistics indicate that spending a lot of money on a massive ad campaign featuring celebrities and fancy special effects doesn’t impress any longer. Instead, consumers are looking to content created by them and for them, creating a voice that resonates throught the digital community. Gaining access into that world will give your brand the authenticity it deserves from the people who know it best: your customers!

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