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VidRactor OTO Links Above –  What is VidRactor?

To generate more leads, sales, and profits, you need to be the first to market with action-based and tailored video technologies. In the near future, we’ll have the tools to create amazing interactive and customized movies that do anything from spread the word to generate more leads and ultimately more revenue.

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STEP 1: Make a quiz, poll, or survey. Pick one of the Done-For-You templates that work well. STEP 2 Customize You can make changes to them to suit your needs. STEP 3: Put it out and get paid All done! Everything is easy to share on social media or embed on any website or landing page to get a lot of leads from your users. VidTags will automatically make transcripts, create an Interactive Actionable Table of Contents (iAToC) by figuring out the context of the talks in the video, and add “Deep Tags” to each section of the iAToC. You can now translate and share this new material in 35 other languages. Also, it’s hosted for you, so you don’t have to deal with ads or other distractions that come with other sites like YouTube, Vimeo, etc. The FE has 50 GB of storage and 1,000 movies. You can import or upload any video from your computer, Zoom, Facebook, Google Drive, Vimeo, Dropbox, a URL, or another website. Deep tagging uses artificial intelligence and can be translated into 35 languages. Each video/audio player can play in three different languages, and both managing and hosting videos are free. Text-to-speech and text-to-speech-to-text powered by artificial intelligence, custom video/audio thumbnails, video/audio categories, easy SEO-friendly content ranking, controllable and customisable player. You can put video or audio content on any website, make collections of video or podcast pages, or put your video/audio gallery on any website. • Downloadable text, audio, and video; • Sharing on social media, emailing, and embedding; • Feedback from viewers (Like, Love, etc.); • Translation of the dashboard; • Commercial license; • Detailed training manuals; • Priority support; • Remove Branding by Powered By on OTO1 As a PRO user, they can completely get rid of our footer powered by logo and links, which gives them full access to their VidTags content. Has nothing to do with who we are as a company. Integration by Type of Domain The user can connect up to three custom domains or subdomains so that their content can be hosted for free under their domain name. Features of OTO2: Customers who buy the Deluxe version get access to three more powerful tools that let them: • Change, combine, split, and use existing video and audio material With VidTags, video editing has become easier. You don’t edit your videos on a timeline. Instead, you edit it in VidTags using the transcription. This makes editing videos just as simple as editing text files. • Auto Video language Detector Customers can use VidTags to make great marketing videos and audio in more than one language. But with the new “automatic language detector,” the program figures out automatically what language the viewer’s browser is set to and shows them content in that language first. • Team Members Ten people are needed to collaborate and use Vidtagging. Platinum members can use everything that comes with the Premium, PRO, and Deluxe plans. Audio, video, domain, player language, bandwidth, audio and video pages, and team members are all unlimited. OTO4 includes a dashboard that can be rebranded, 200 client accounts, the ability to add team members, the ability to build VidTags content and pages for customers, a white label domain (users of a white label domain can use their own domain), and the ability for clients to add three custom domains to VidTags pages and links.

Hot Bonuses Packages VidRactor

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