Vigilante slot games that won’t land you in jail
Vigilante slot games that won’t land you in jail

Vigilante slot games that won’t land you in jail

We all have an angel and devil sitting on our shoulders, whispering in our ear, willing us on to do the things that our morals wouldn’t usually allow. Although we know we could never act on it, sometimes we just want that little thrill that comes with doing something bad. 

Join us as we discover the online casino games at Paddy Power that are especially designed to allow you to choose your path, between light and dark, and become anyone you want to be. 

The Greatest Train Robbery

This online slot game has five reels, designed as rail tracks, with fun animations, sound effects and lots of bonuses, so you can really feel immersed in this Western world. With symbols including dynamite, gold, and stacks of shimmering jewels – you can summon fellow bandits when you land three bonus icons. These will trigger special features, which can appear at the start of the bonus round, and may even lead to free spins – so it’s hard to miss the chance to jump on that train before you are left standing on the tracks, watching the potential to boost your payroll roll on by. Gameplay starts at just 0.20 credits, and with the chance to steal a four-digit jackpot off the rails, you’ll be wanting to grab your horse and saddle up as quickly as possible. 

Cops ‘n’ Robbers: Megaways

Cops ‘n’ Robbers – Megaways is an exciting slot game made up of a total of 10 symbols. The low playing symbols are playing card symbols from 10 – A and the higher playing symbols are a police car, a stack of money, and a bag of money, alongside a cartoon cop and the game’s logo. 

As the cop, it’s your job to catch the robber, so when a mean-looking dog turns up as the wild, you will be able to substitute out any symbol on the reels, minus the scatter symbol. With 117,649 ways to win, and a maximum jackpot of 12500x your bet, this six-reel game and its bonus features are sure to provide you with that fast-paced police chase thrill you’ve always dreamed of. What’s more – reel modifiers add another level of excitement, with blue and red police lights lighting up the game. If the reels are lit blue, then a random number of mystery symbols will be added whilst they are still in motion. If they are lit up red, then a Megaways sequence of games will start, increasing each time. On top of this, if the traffic lights turn green, the robber can cross the reels – meaning that if he reaches the right-hand reel, bonus symbols are added, which guarantees a bonus will be triggered, adding a multiplier that will help you reach the max jackpot! 

Empty the Bank

Empty the Bank is a brand-new game, featuring vibrant graphics, music and a maximum jackpot of 10,000x your initial bet. The game is themed around a heist, giving players the chance to take part in a great bank robbery and go home with a boosted bankroll. With five reels set out in rows of four and bets starting at just 0.20 credits, this treasure-filled game is perfect for those thrill-seekers in search of something new and unique. Each symbol that is displayed offers a payout if you get three or more in a row, with the crown symbol being the exception as just a single pair delivers a prize. Find five crowns in a row, and you will receive an enormous payout of up to 20x your bet. Banknotes, coins, gold bars and a stack of jewels will also deliver prizes between four and 10x your bet. There are plenty more exciting features to keep you on your toes during this heist, including an alarm, a burglar, a computer and a safe door, each with their own special bonus to help you escape with a win!



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