Voting begins in Turkey’s national elections

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Voting has begun in Turkey’s national elections. This is the second such vote in the country in five months. The voting started on Sunday morning local time. Earlier, parliamentary elections were held in Turkey on June 8.

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Although it won, it lost the majority to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s ruling court, the Kalkinma Party (AKP) or the Justice and Development Party. The ruling AKP needed 26 seats to implement Erdogan’s dream of a presidential state and form a single government, but they won 256 seats.

According to the constitution, if the party with the most seats fails to form a government within 45 days of the election, the president must call for re-election. As part of this, Erdogan announced new elections on August 21. That’s when he hinted at holding elections on November 1. Political analysts in the country say young voters will play a key role in this election. They want an end to political instability. The current situation has overshadowed all other problems in the country.

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