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VPS hosting
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ServerSea Hosting is offering cheap VPS hosting in Pakistan with the help of high quality yet affordable servers. Our VPS hosting plans offer a huge amount of resources to our clients including full root access to our servers which enables clients to host multiple sites and third party apps etc.

Our budgeted VPS hosting offers not only share huge resources with customers but are also equipped with top quality security features to keep data safe and secure. This is what makes our virtual private server vps in Pakistan suitable for hosting big websites and software. However, unlike the other web hosting in Pakistan, our VPS hosting plans are the cheapest.

ServerSea VPS hosting plans include:

Dedicated Resources

Every virtual server allot resources that are available for the sole usage of your website. This results in a high end performance, unmatched power and low latency. That’s because every second contributes to web performance.

Easy to Manage

The servers are simple to set up thanks to the custom control panel. You can easily set up a site in a few minutes.

Benefits of Choosing VPS Hosting in Pakistan:

VPS hosting comes with a number of unmatched benefits since it combines the features of shared and dedicated hosting. Some of the benefits of choosing VPS hosting in Pakistan are shared below:

Reliable & High-End Performance

VPS gives you your very own bandwidth and storage which is dedicated to your site usage. You don’t share it with other companies.

Server Growth

Upgrading for additional bandwidth and storage is fast, efficient and easy.

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Brings Value to a Website

A VPS hosting is not as cheap as a shared hosting is, however, it is still affordable than dedicated hosting as you only pay for the resources that your site uses. VPS offers a lot of value for the price it costs.

Data protection

Daily Backups are a standard for VPS environments. This makes server backups easy with VPS hosting.

Offers More Control

It gives more control to website admin by sharing root access and SSH to the server environment.

More Secure than Sharing hosting

VPS environments are separate from each other through isolation to ensure more security than the shared hosting environments.

Customizable Hosting

VPS hosting is highly customizable to offer the features you want including the OS of your choice.


What is VPS hosting?

VPS stands for virtual private server is an isolated virtual environment on a physical server. It is created using a virtualization technology that splits the physical server into several private servers that are shared with other users. It is best for site owners whose website requirements are not fulfilled by shared hosting. Each server has a predefined set of resources such as CPU, RAM, disk space and bandwidth which ensures better performance, security and reliability.

What Is VPS vs. Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting is about sharing a server and resources with multiple sites. In a VPS hosting, you are sharing same physical server, but due to the virtual environment created by the virtualization software, every user gets a predefined set of resources. This means that the other websites running on the same server won’t affet your web performance and security unlike the shared hosting.

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What Is VPS vs. Dedicated Server Hosting?

In a VPS Hosting, your website is on the same physical server but due to the virtual environment, every website has its own dedicated resources. Dedicated Server Hosting is about leasing an entire server for a website without sharing it with another site.

Do you need technical knowledge to handle VPS hosting?

No, because ServerSea offers managed VPS hosting for all its plans.

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