Meet Vinod Kumar and his newly developed App “ Waakr” that measures the activity related to Health and Fitness  especially Walk, Jog, and Run

 Meet Vinod Kumar and his newly developed App “ Waakr” that measures the activity related to Health and Fitness  especially Walk, Jog, and Run

When and How did you start?

I started Waakr Technologies in the year 2017. From my college days, I developed a passion to develop applications and had a dream to be an entrepreneur.

How did you come up with the idea? Your inspiration moment?

 I always loved to be fit and trim. I started jogging, but could not jog every day due to laziness :). I realized I need an app that could motivate me to get going. I downloaded few on my phone, but most of them provided steps count but were unable to motivate me to do more.

” Then I realized most of us wanted to exercise or Walk/Jog, etc but we don’t consistently do it. I thought I had an opportunity here to develop an app which will motivate and challenge each one to walk more and more and everyone would live a healthy life ”  Says Vinod Kumar

 Brief about the organization and founding members?

 This is a Bootstrap company. I’m the developer myself and wanted to code the first app myself as I understood the need for the hour.

The detailed journey, like what you want to share with readers?

As I said before, getting the concept and knowing what I will achieve was an easy task. But after that, I wanted to develop this app for Android phones and I was not knowing Java coding. I was an expert .NET developer but had to put in my effort for almost 3 months to learn to code in Java and Kotlin. Once I got a hang of all the technical aspects, the next big thing is to prototype and bring my concept to reality. Over a month I reviewed all the other apps in Play Store and mostly concentrated on revising the negative feedback from users on the other similar apps. Once I developed made sure we do a complete testing of the app and we wanted to go to users with a 100% working app. I launched my app on 01-Jan-2018 and the next steps involve marketing and strategies.

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Image Credit/ Source: Waakr

 About funding, plans for growth?

This is a Bootstrap company and in the coming future wanted some investors for marketing this app worldwide. We are looking to grow as a company. I am in talks with my friends to partner and make it big.

 Challenges and Opportunities / Marketing Strategies

 ” There is plenty of opportunities in the Mobile app world and at the same time its challenging. Not comes easy in life, I had to work almost 20 hours a day to get my rolling into the play store as planned. My Marketing strategies are very simple, make sure your users love what you have developed and always make it easy and convenient to use ”  Vinod Kumar

 Future plans and funding?

“Next 6 months is very crucial for my app to gain the trend. Have given the best and will work hard to ensure every user review or feedback is taken seriously. We plan to continue upgrading this app to ensure every user loves to install and use this app”  Says Vinod Kumar

 A quote from the founder on the journey, challenges and inspiring moment?

 “Do what you love. Keep it simple. Work Hard”, I love what I’m doing and over the years learned to keep it simple without complicating things. And finally, nothing comes without hard work. Some of them say Smart work, but remember to be a Smart worker you should have worked hard ” Says Vinod Kumar

Founders advise to budding entrepreneurs?

 I’m still in the beginning phase of my entrepreneurship. Looking forward to learning more from others and want to give back something big to the world. Always remember to give the best product to consumers and the revenue will automatically flow.
My biggest achievement and the happiest moment was when the first user reviewed my app saying it helps him to walk more every day.



Image Credit/ Source: Waakr 

The app is still very new in the marketplace to give out any statistics. Currently launched worldwide in 140 countries.


Image Credit/ Source: Waakr

Your Website/apps / and contact details?

WEBSITE: http://waakr.com
APP: WAAKR (Play Store), URL: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.waakr.vinod.waakrv1
Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact phone number: +919731019518



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