What is Waasmedic agent exe and how to Fix its high CPU Usage?

WaasMedic agent exe
What is Waasmedic agent exe and how to Fix its high CPU Usage?

The Windows Update Medic Service (WaasMedicSVC.exe) is a Windows Service that was presented in Windows 10. This Service has been acquainted with fix Windows Update parts from harm so the PC can keep on getting refreshes. Its connected SIHClient.exe, WaaSMedic.exe, WaaSMedicSvc.dll and WaaSMedicPS.dll documents are found in the Windows\System32 envelope. Presently in the event that WaasMedic.exe is as often as possible consuming High CPU or Disk Usage on your Windows 11/10 PC, this guide will assist you with fixing it.

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What is WaasMedic.exe or Waasmedic Agent Exe?

WaasMedic.exe represents Waasmedic Agent Exe. This is a significant part of Windows 11/10 tha is related with WaasMedicSVC.exe, and supports smoother updates of the OS without upsetting the client. WaasMedic.exe likewise remediates the cycles connected with Windows and its part refreshes. On the off chance that you switch off the updates of any parts of Windows or they are switched off by some other program, WaasMedic.exe meddles and empowers them for refreshes. Assuming you are encountering high CPU or Disk utilization by WaasMedic.exe, we have fixes for you. We should find out what they are and the way that we can fix the issue.

Waasmedic Agent Exe CPU or Disk Usage on Windows 11/10

The fixes we can utilize to determine Waasmedic Agent Exe high CPU use issues are:

  1. Run System File Checker
  2. Run DISM to fix Windows Update parts
  3. Stop Windows Updates for a couple of days
  4. Debilitate WaasMedic.exe for a brief time
  5. Reset Windows PC.
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1] Run System File Checker

Running framework record checker checks for any adulterated or missing documents on your framework. Assuming any such case has occurred and it brought about WaasMedic.exe High CPU or Disk Usage, it will assist with fixing it. Take a stab at running SFC and check whether it makes a difference.

2] Run DISM to fix Windows Update parts

Alongside SFC, DISM is another significant component that is accessible on Windows that assists you with fixing the issues. Anything the issues your framework has with its unique records, running DISM to fix undermined Windows Update framework documents will help. Since WaasMedic.exe works for Windows Updates, DISM has many possibilities fixing it.

3] Pause Windows Updates for a couple of days

WaasMedic.exe is answerable for smooth and continuous updates of Windows and its parts. As you are encountering high CPU use of WaasMedic.exe, stopping the updates for Windows for a couple of days is better. This way you can fix the WaasMedic.exe issue.

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4] Disable WaasMedic.exe for a brief time

Prior to doing this, do reinforcement your library settings. While we don’t suggest this helpful framework Service, in the event that nothing from what was just mentioned fixes worked for you, you ought to cripple WaasMedic.exe briefly. It will stop the cycles connected with WaasMedic.exe and improve your PC.

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You can incapacitate Windows Update Medic Service, yet on the off chance that you attempt to do so through Windows Services Manager, you will get an Access is Denied message.

To cripple it, you should utilize the Registry Editor.


Go to the above way address in the library manager and change the worth of the Start DWORD record to 4 and afterward set the authorization of the ket to SYSTEM Deny.

This we don’t suggest doing physically, as it likewise undermines your framework. The more straightforward way is take the assistance of a freeware called Windows Update Blocker.

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5] Reset Windows PC

The issue of WaasMedic.exe’s high CPU utilization would have been fixed at this point utilizing the above strategies. If not, you would need to reset your PC to return to the first structure. None of the information you save money on your PC will be lost.

Is WaasMedic.exe a Virus?

No, it isn’t. WaasMedic.exe is a program that goes inside Windows that works with refreshing your Windows to the most recent form. It is a protected program.

Might I at any point kill WaasMedic specialist exe?

WaasMedic is a specialist for Windows that smoothes out the updates cycle and makes your PC in the know regarding the OS. It is unimaginable to expect to kill or uninstall it as it is a Windows part. You can debilitate it through the library or utilizing an outsider program. It isn’t prescribed to kill or impair WaasMedic.exe except if you are confronting any issue with it.

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