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Are you looking to catch some CFL action without paying for a premium cable package? You’re lucky – CTV and TSN offer live streaming of CFL games on their websites. So, you can watch your favorite team in action without spending a dime.

Head to or, find the game you want to watch, and click on the “live stream” option. You’ll be able to watch the game live, as it’s happening, without commercials.

So, whether you’re a diehard fan or just looking for some free entertainment, check out and for all your CFL live streaming needs.

How To Watch the CFL Online?

According to the latest estimates, Canada’s 37.59 million residents, an estimated 420,000, no longer receive their television programming via cable or satellite. Many are avid fans of the CFL and wonder how to view it on the internet? Before, it could be a huge loss for those in the chance to stream CFL action.

There are now a variety of streaming services online that CFL fans can use.

Options to Watch the CFL online in Canada

CFL broadcasts are available only to TSN viewers, who require an internet connection or cable for access

Fortunately, many streaming services are available online for CFL users who do not have satellite or cable television.

It wasn’t too long since CFL fans were out of luck when they wanted to watch live football from their favorite three-down soccer league on the internet. Every one of the CFL games is streamed by TSN, and the 24-hour sports channel is available only to people with subscriptions to satellite or cable.

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The situation changed drastically within the 2017 CFL season. TSN added live streaming to their website, and those who cut the cord or never signed up for satellite or cable service could watch every minute of the CFL game throughout the entire season and even that Grey Cup game.

Nowadays, many live streaming services for those wishing to bet on CFL can stream games online. Various websites offer CFL matches in Canada and elsewhere in various parts of the world, where CFL games are broadcast on TV.

It is expected the streaming service will eventually surpass traditional methods of viewing broadcast sports and will soon become the no—the best place to watch sports. The CFL returned to Acton in 2021 as it came nearer the time. There are more ways to watch games than ever before.

CFL official app

For fans of Canadian football, there’s no better way to catch all the action than with a subscription to NFL Game Pass. Not only will you be able to watch live games from the comfort of your own home, but you’ll also have access to an on-demand library of every game from the 2019 season.

You’ll be able to see all the exciting moments as they happen and relive them again and again. With Game Pass, you’ll also be able to stay updated on the latest news and commentary from throughout the NBA.

So, if you’re looking for the best way to catch your favorite CFL team in action, look no further than NFL Game Pass.

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TSN Direct

It was launched in 2018, and TSN Direct finally gave those who like the CFL the option of watching the games even if they did not have a satellite or cable connection or were somewhere neither was available. This is the first time TSN has provided its services to its customers without requiring that they subscribe to their TV provider.

Canadians of any income level can purchase TSN Direct. Signing up for a subscription will set you back $19.99 every month. The service also offers a pre-paid 6-month package for $99.95. Working internet access is all that is required to use the program.

TSN Direct offers the same programs viewers enjoy on TSN via satellite or cable. It is each CFL game. It also gives you access to the live feeds on TSN, special bonus streams, and live content on demand.

There’s a good chance that TSN Direct will work with Apple TV, the Xbox One, and iOS and Android devices. IE 11, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari Mac browsers are expected to work with TSN Direct.

CFL Game Pass

International viewers, including TSN and RDS viewers from Canada, ESPN viewers in the United States, and BT Sport viewers in the United Kingdom, may watch every CFL game on CFL Game Pass. It is available in over 150 countries.

CFL Game Pass has three subscription options for fans, each of which includes a different number of games. A season pass is an available price at USD 79.99, which includes playoffs as well as Grey Cup. A team pass priced at USD 36.99 lets CFL fans enjoy their favorite team’s games. Also, a single-game pass allows CFL fans to enjoy games for USD 2.99.

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In the lead-up to the season 2019, before the 2019 season, both the CFL and ESPN reached a multi-year contract. This contract made ESPN the sole broadcaster for the CFL within the USA. American viewers can watch NFL or CFL games on ESPN simultaneously. CFL games were live-streamed on ESPN for the 20th consecutive year.

The network also broadcasts most CFL games through their ESPN+ streaming service. It will show every game during the league season, including the playoffs and the Grey Cup. Grey Cup.

ESPN+ costs $5.99 or $49.99 annually and includes the only sports-related content streaming on ESPN.

Grey Cup On Demand

Fans who have been loyal to the CFL. History buffs of them will be pleased to learn that the CFL recently launched a streaming service on Here more than 70 Grey Cup games of the past are available to stream.

With Grey Cup On Demand, the complete broadcast of each Grey Cup game from 1954-to 2019 can be viewed all hours of the year and for no cost.

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