December 20, 2023

The Top 10 Most Popular Christmas Movies of all Time

By Aditya Gurung

It's a Wonderful Life 


Scott Atkinson: This is the all-time greatest film about America's heart, a film you can never forget.  Billed as a Christmastime classic, the film is at the same time a great kaleidoscope of what made America--its working Middle Class, the greatest the world ever knew.




Vincenzo Cece: This is a perfect example of a good Christmas movie. It has a warm and genuine story, it has light humour that makes you laugh or at least makes you smile every time you see it, and it has a great cast.


Home Alone 


Pat Cahill: Why it rocks? The idea of an 8-year-old boy who is mistakenly left home alone by his family and has to protect the house from two bumbling burglars is pretty entertaining.


Home Alone 2 


Jackson Bollman: I LOVED Home Alone 2.  It may be better than Home Alone 1.   I feel that the traps were even smarter than the first movie and that unlike the first movie, you aren't watching the first hour to get to the trap.


The Polar Express 


Angela nicole: My all time favorite Christmas movie...I first fell in love with this film when I was wild six or seven year old. They used to show this every Christmas on tv and i couldn't wait. Now this movie is a nostalgic masterpiece.


How the Grinch Stole Christmas 


Teja P: Absolutely Beautiful Movie! I had a grin on my face all the way through!!  Jim Carrey is extraordinary! No words are enough to him, he poured his life into this character.


Die Hard 2 


Nathan Wagner: One of my favorite series of many series films i should say lol. one man army with tons of action. old classic action movies can never go wrong!!


Rise of the Guardians 


Cee: Honestly, this movie meant so much to me as a child! I just watched it again on netflix AND I CANNOT STRESS HOW HEART-WARMING THIS MOVIE IS! THIS IS A MUST WATCH FOR ANY AGE!!! This movie is certain to ignite HOPE, WONDER AND JOY in your young ones!!! 


Scrooged (1988) 


Alec Capurso: If you don't watch this on the holidays, you're royally Scrooged! Frank Cross is an ambitious and cynical television executive whose lost his heart to the corrupt world of business and doesn't see the good in Christmas anymore.


The Muppet  Christmas Carol 


Violet Luther: Every single year without fail, my entire family gathers together and watches this movie. It's one of my favorite traditions! It's such a sweet film that takes a lot of the darkness out of the original Charles Dickens novel through puppets and song.