Top 10 Free website Traffic checker Tools
Top 10 Free website Traffic checker Tools

Top 10 Free website Traffic checker Tools

In this 21st century of the Internet with huge competition among online businesses, one is required to be clever enough to grow their website inefficient manner. To analyze how your website is doing in the market you must check traffic on your website to get better insights. There are many tools available in the industry to know traffic statistics of any site.

These Website traffic checker tools are very helpful to
improve your target spectators, as they say, the more you know who your viewers
are, there are more chances to serve them better and this is very helpful to
beat your competition.

With the help of these website traffic checker, you can get
many benefits like:

  • What
    type of content is receiving more audience attention?
  • What
    kind of products and ads you can hawk to your spectators.
  • Which
    are the various places you are receiving the major traffic from?
  • What
    keywords are fetching more traffic to your website?

One can surely receive huge benefits from these tools which are readily available in the market, most of them are available free of cost whereas some of them have paid plans which will give you more clear statistics of traffic. So without wasting any more time, let me take you through such top 10 website traffic checker tools.

Free website Traffic checker :


SEMrush is one of the best tools that will fulfil all your SEO needs. With the help of this tool, you can get precise traffic estimates for any website, income estimate, generates a whole SEO plan for any website, backlink details and analyze all stats of any website.

This tool has hundreds of beneficial
features and you can visit their site to find different tools to optimize your
site and get benefitted. With SEMrush it’s very easy to check traffic of any
website, you just need to log in with a single email account and then put URL
and it will show you the complete overview of that website.

You can use SEMrush free for 10 searches as a new user and later it’s a paid service.


Alexa is a very well-known and massive website to study nationwide or worldwide rank of any website with its free feature to estimate rank. It is the most valuable and trusted tool in the world, to get a clear idea of website traffic stats.

For free users, it shows the traffic
rank, bounce rate, places that you are receiving the most traffic from, most
attractive keywords, per day Pageviews, and your most viable competitors.

To sue the Alexa, you simply need to go to their website “Alexa.com” and put URL of any website and it will show you the complete analysis for that website, as well as daily page visits to estimate the traffic of any site.


Ahrefs is another most accurate website traffic checker tool, providing boundless services since 2011. Ahrefs helps you to research your competitors, grow your search traffic, analyze traffic with stats, and monitor your niche. With Ahrefs you can even find out why your opponents are ranking so high or low and how you can improve yourself.

This tool has data of 240+ million keywords inside the 100+ various countries, the United States being the major contributor. They run the World’s biggest index of live backlinks, they update their data, every 15 minutes and their bots sneak around 4 billion web pages for every 24 hours.

4.Similar Web:

SimilarWeb is another tool which gives you an exact estimate of any website’s earning. This tool is super easy to use and gives all the traffic reports in a few clicks.

Using this tool is most easy, you just need to visit their site and put URL of any website to get referring links, note on Page views, social media engagement and bounce rate. SimilarWeb is again the best tool which provides you with the accurate ranking of nearly every website and also helps you identify the popularity of any site.

5.SE Ranking:

It is a great tool you can use to check traffic on your or any other site for free by simply visiting their page and putting your URL. The free version of SE Ranking is very easy to use and it gives accurate results for all the information you need regarding Traffic. This tool helps you to get information like page views, ranking keywords, traffic cost, and many more details. You can also utilize their many more beneficial features by subscribing to their premium plans.

6.Google Adwords Display Planner:

Google AdWords display planner helps you to know exactly how much traffic is your website gets. This tool is made by 3 connected tools such as contextual targeting tool, Google Ad Planner and placement tool. As Google has a name in itself and people trust this name as it’s the most secure and true platform, which makes the Google AdWords Display planner the most used Network to provide accurate data to estimate website traffic. This tool is available freely for calculating the traffic for any site.

7.Rank 2 Traffic:

Rank2Traffic is one more resource available to estimate website traffic. This tool is created to provide visitor statistics and Alexa traffic rank of any website for the last 10 years. This has a vast list of features to spy on any of your competitor, where you can see their growth, trends, and even their falls. This tool also produces a graph to understand traffic overview over the past 10 years.

It analyses visitors on your site, country wise, show you the source of your traffic like, direct traffic, search traffic, or any contextual links that are sending the traffic, etc. on a daily, monthly and yearly basis.

8.My Site Wealth:

MySiteWealth is one more platform that helps you estimate the worth of any website by analyzing a variety of major aspects. This tool also helps if you want to buy or sell your site. It also helps to understand the page speed of your blog. Using this tool you can check domain authority of all the websites, it also provides the page views data on daily, monthly and yearly. It has various features like it allows you to compare multiple URL’s concurrent, access to geo IP location, get the backlinks data, and information about the pages indexing on Google which makes this tool unique.


SiteWorthTraffic is a very simple and easy tool to calculate estimates for your field and traffic stats on your website. This is again one of the best tools to understand how many visitors are visiting a particular website and pageviews on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. It also helps you to identify, how much traffic is coming from Social Media, Google or any other external links. This tool is completely free and no registration is required. It is designed for calculating the worldwide ranking and website worth of any blog or site. It also provides you the site’s most shared links on social media, Alexa stats, IP address, and its monthly & yearly earnings.

10.Traffic Estimate:

TrafficEstimate.com is one of the leading tool used to estimate the traffic of any website with extremely simple steps. To use this tool, you simply need to visit their website and put the URL and it will give you all the stats related to your website traffic. This tool gives you unlimited access for 24 x 7 for website traffic report for any domain. This tool is providing site rankings, website traffic estimates, and analytics since 2004. They are best known for providing useful information for domain buyers, website owners, and SEO gurus. This tool will help you with the information on how to receive more site traffic, view related keywords, compare websites, track competitors, and improve your web traffic footmark by using the SEO tools and stats.


I hope the above to 10 website traffic checker will help you
to analyze traffic on your website and also let you grow your site to boundless
heights. All the best for your research.

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