What a Spiritual Coach Can do and How to Know if You Need One?

What A Spiritual Coach Can Do And How To Know If You Need One!
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Unlike life coaching, Spiritual Life Coaching is relatively new, making many people wonder exactly what it is and whether they could use a Spiritual coach in their life. Let’s take a look at all the important facts so that you can find out whether you need spiritual life coaches or not.

What Spiritual Life Coaching Is?

Spiritual Intuitive Coaching can help you change your whole life around. But Life Coaching Vs Spiritual Coaching is a confusing topic for many people. So let us begin by making clear what Spiritual Coaching is.

Spiritual Coaching:

Spiritual Life Coaches aim to help you connect to your true self and work your way out from there. This means helping you unclear the expectations and beliefs enforced on you by the world around you and teaching you to look inside. Depending on your life and being brought up, this can be really quick or even take a long time, but ultimately you’ll be left happy with the course of your life.

Eventually, losing a sense of this true self and living a life that is simply expected of you results in anger, frustrations, never-ending fatigue, and an inability to be truly happy. The real essence has made you hide long, long ago, probably starting in your childhood. Spiritual intuitive Coaching is all about holistic healing of your inner child. It is a great way to remove those unnecessary and inexplicable frustrations you might be facing in life. A Spiritual Coach will help you to delve into your subconscious and tap into your real passion, desire, and happiness. You will ultimately be able to find true bliss and wholesome happiness.

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How Spiritual Life Coaching Works?

Our thoughts and actions, no matter how much we may attribute them to free will, are the direct cause of our childhood (most often before age ten) )and the way we grow, and our exposure throughout our life. The only thing that changes is the situation, but the way we react is often the same. For instance, a child who learned to dissociate during a childhood trauma will dissociate as an adult during any difficult situation, much the same as a child who learned to remain quiet and wait for the trauma to pass will grow into an adult who sits quite waiting for the trouble to pass. While this behavior turned out to be beneficial as it helped our child self-get through tough times, it is time to unlearn this behavior and replace it with more positive and proactive reactions.

As a human being, it is truly impossible to have genuine independent thought. At the same time, by being mindful and working towards giving our subconscious a louder voice, we can become free of the shackles that society has put on us, and that’s what a Spiritual Coach will do for you. They will help clear your mind of undeserved voices and help you understand and listen to your intuition and you’re subconscious.

Spiritual Life Coaches can help us unlearn this demeanor and come into our real selves. They can help handle the war between the subconscious and conscious mind.

Life Coaching Vs. Spiritual Coaching:

Life coaching, while highly useful, focuses on the outward reality. Spiritual coaching, on the other hand, is all about the inside story!

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A life coach may help you with your career, keeping yourself fit, family life, goal setting and achieving, and even with relationships. They may help with habit forming and the like. A spiritual coach focuses on the mind. It is more about letting go of what’s on the outside to help you set things straight. They will not take liberties to tell you what to do with your life but will help you decide what you should do.

A spiritual coach just wants what you need if you’re unable to stick to the habits and lessons taught to you by a life coach, and that’s the simple truth of spiritual life coaching. What you need might differ from what your friend, sibling, or simply any other person needs, and that’s the specialty of a spiritual coach. They’re here to help you unearth your needs and help you accordingly. Unlike life coaching, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to spiritual coaching.

How to Know If It Is For You?

Many of us can improve our overall well-being by simply being cognizant of our daily lives. Although sometimes, it can be too complicated and require additional help.

If you struggle with anxiety, sadness, stress, unhappiness, or even fear and frustration in your life, then spiritual coaching can help you out of it. If you find yourself feeling these negative emotions with no definite cause for them, it may be due to your subconscious warring with your conscious thoughts and actions. Listen to your subconscious! It can be difficult if you’re too used to simply going with the flow and not listening to your subconscious for a long time.

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It can feel odd and even wrong to finally listen to your inner self and do things right. But with a good spiritual life coach, you will be able to comprehend the facts and even see right from wrong when listening to your subconscious.

The only way to find out if it is for you is to get in touch with a spiritual life coach!


Spiritual life coaching can be a practical solution if you feel frustrated with how your life is going, even if everything seems perfect outwardly. Get in touch with Zoe Graman – trained at the Portland Psychic School to find out how you can listen to your subconscious more clearly.

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