What are inbound and outbound calls and their types?

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The inbound call centers mainly handle the inbound phone calls from customers. They focus on answering questions and resolving customer concerns. It deals with complaints from the customer. The teams monitor the calls from the existing customers with their issues and questions. The outbound calls focus on the outgoing calls to the shoppers. The group runs outbound calls to the customer to indicate their products and offers. They make outbound calls to survey shoppers and collect market research. Here are some of the types of inbound and outbound calls:

Types of Inbound Calls:

  1. Customer service: 

This focuses on the customer calls who ask a question and help them manage your account. These calls include returns, customer feedback, phone payments updating to the mail address, and questions about their policies. Callcenteroutsourcing helps the customer to solve their problem. The concerns can be addressed electronically.

  • Technical Support:

Inbound centers can handle technical assistance to the customer with patience. You can contact the best call center outsourcing to solve your technical issues. They offer support when the customer has any technical problem. The right team will answer the questions and help you in restoring brand loyalty. 

  • Inbound sales:

They answer the questions of the customer regarding their product. You can call the service to get more information about the product. the will build a relationship with customer. 

  • Upgrade and renewal inquiry calls:

Existing clients who elected to renew, upgrade, or combine their subscription plans are contacted to this type of inbound call. The customers are happy with the level of service they get from the company, which encourages them to keep the connection.

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Types of outbound calls:

  1. Setting an appointment:

The salesperson and the customer are scheduled to meet by outbound agents. They will verify the most convenient time and day for you to speak with a corporate representative. The agent should be accurate and effective in communicating their personals. 

  • Lead generation:

Outbound calls are created through warm and cold calls, and they will convey their company’s product. They gather the information during a call and make the customer curious about their product. 

  • Telemarketing:

Lead generation is distinct from telemarketing. It could be compared to door-to-door sales. Based on the target list, these sales representatives will sell the product over the phone. They will tell about their specialty and make the customers feel satisfied and buy their product. 

  • Telesales:

Telesales is also a type of telemarketing. Sales agents take over the role of telemarketers. They should be patient, and they can try to convert their conversation into sales. The telesales agent can have a good list of qualified leads, and their performance primarily depends on the conversation rate. 

  • Market research:

Some of the outbound calls are made to get a review of a product, brand, and service. The agent should learn about the target audience. They should be clear in their conversation. The gathered information can be used to modify the products. 

Final Thoughts:

Both the inbound and outbound calls are made to increase demand for their brand. They do their business over the telephone. They keep up the customer’s rate and help the customer with their needs. 

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