What Are The 5 Main Body Shapes?

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We are all built differently. Some of us are teeny, while some are tall. Some of us have long limbs, while others have shorter appendages. And when it comes to our build, some of us are naturally skinny, while others tend to be a bit more curvaceous. But no matter what our individual physical attributes may be, we can all generally be classified into one of five main body shapes. These different body shapes tend to dictate how our clothes fit us and can also affect our overall health. So, it’s worth noting a few things about the many body types and what makes them unique.

Famous Types Of Body Shapes

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The hourglass body shape is perhaps the most “Classic” of all the shapes. Hourglass figures are associated with fuller busts, narrower waists, and curvier hips. Moreover, this shape is famous for creating an overall balance between the top and bottom half of the body. Because of this, hourglass figures often look pretty proportionate. And because the waist is typically the smallest part of this body type, an hourglass figure often seems very feminine. This shape ranks number one for both men and ladies in terms of ideal body type but has driven up the incidence of the hourglass syndrome among women.


The pear body type is very similar to the hourglass, except that the hips and thighs are typically broader than the shoulders and bust. This can often make pear-shaped women appear top-heavy. Also, because the hips are wider than the waist, a pear-shaped woman’s legs may appear shorter in comparison to her upper body.

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The rectangle body type is also sometimes called the “ruler” or “straight” body type. This is because people with rectangle-shaped bodies tend to have a straight up-and-down build with few curves. Men and women of this body type tend to have a similar shoulder width and hip-width. And while their waist may be slightly narrower than their hips, it’s not as dramatic as the hourglass or pear shapes.

Inverted Triangle

The inverted triangle body shape is the polar opposite of the pear shape. The shoulders and bust are broader than the hips with this body type. And while some inverted triangle-shaped women may have a bit of a waist, it’s often not as defined as other body types. This shape is pretty common among athletes and people who have a lot of upper-body muscle mass.


The apple body type is similar to the rectangle, except that the waist is typically wider than the hips. This can often give apple-shaped women a bit of a “round” look in their midsection. And while some apple-shaped women may have curvier hips, they often don’t have as much definition in their waist. This body type is often associated with people carrying a bit more weight in their midsection. It’s also worth noting that the apple body type is the most common among women over the age of 50.


So, there you have the five main body shapes. It’s essential to remember that we all come in different shapes and sizes. Also, while some of us may be more hourglass-shaped, pear-shaped, apple-shaped, etc., we should all embrace our unique bodies. After all, there’s no such thing as a “perfect” body type. We are all beautiful, no matter what our shape or size may be.

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